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“The most important legacy a mother can leave her children is the quality of her own life. “ Joan Hull

I have a new blog – Project: Fit, where I post my weight loss updates and all entries related to health and weight loss. Through Project: Fit, I hope to inspire (m)others to lose weight and lead healthy lives.

Visit Project: Fit.

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I used to have a fitness blog, Project: Fit Mom. After giving birth to my 3rd child, I felt the need to lose weight for health reasons. So I started running, and enrolled at Fitness First. I lost over 20 pounds in a span of 2 years. But I hit a long bump along the way that had me off the track. But I do want to go back to getting fit and healthy. I really do. One day soon.

So I’ll just leave this here. 😀 (For posterity’s sake. The comments below are really encouraging. Wow.)

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  1. all the best chats 🙂 congratulations on that 12 pounds! i am also thinking about such things at the moment.. even thinking of signing up in a gym.. but then again.. summer vacation is fast approaching and that means vacation!! so have to delay my plans for the meantime.

  2. Thanks, Toni! Seize the moment when you feel the urge to start it. Such moments are hard to come by hehe.
    BTW, I tagged you to list 6 weird things about you. And Rav wasn’t able to drop the goodies. It was logistically impossible. I will wait siguro for DaV to bring them.

  3. Goodluck! And kudos on the 12 lbs.

    It’s good you stopped weighing yourself every day. Me, I have to stop looking at my gut in the mirror! But I can’t, my eyes are drawn to it.

    I need to set a goal for myself too & also start on a workout soon. Hay hirap but it’s for a “good cause” hehe

  4. Hi auee! It is your courage that inspired me to post my actual weight teehee…
    Though exercise is not a requirement when you’re on SBD, it will make the habit of healthy eating so much worthier! And mas long-lasting ang weight loss if they’re coupled together.
    I have yet to start again on Phase 1 of SBD.. but I should soon!

  5. You know I’m with you on this one, Sis. Though I agree with Hub that you are beautiful as you are.

    My starting weight is 110 lbs. greater than yours! I’ve got an extra person’s worth o’ excess baggage to shed. We’ll keep each other honest, eh?

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