Progesterone for PMS

I’ve had my share of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). The most evident symptoms I get are mood swings, irritability, cravings for salty chips (!!!), back pain and migraine. But I’ve never really looked into getting medications for it because I feel like these symptoms come naturally around that time of the month.

But then again, some women I know don’t get PMS at all, while there are those who are severely debilitated by it. For those who get severe PMS symptoms, there used to be synthetic progesterone-like drugs. But now, there are natural progesterone medications in cream form. Many experts on women’s health recommend these bio-identical creams over the synthetic forms of progesterone for the obvious reasons that natural is always better. And, progesterone cream works just as well in preventing menopausal symptoms.

Hmmm… I’ll keep this info in mind for future reference.

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