Pre-schooler Nate

(This is yet another quickie… )

Tomorrow marks Nate’s third week in nursery school. He’s been doing great, except for two episodes of crying. Both were caused by a craving for the bottle. Nate is turning four in a few weeks, but he is not yet weaned from the bottle.

We’re working on that now, reducing his milk intake to just 5 ounces per bottle, at about, hmmm… maybe just 4 or 5 bottles a day. (I think Nate will feel so deprived with just 4, haha.)

Luckily, he “agreed” to drinking milk from a glass instead of the bottle when in school. (Yup, this little boy knows how to negotiate…. Negosyante in the making? hehe)

Other significant developments, aside from the bottle withdrawal-induced meltdowns, are:

  • He now wakes up automatically at 5:30 AM, as if he had a built-in alarm clock. (Yup, the day starts early for all of us, leaving the house by 6 AM to make it to the girls’ school by 7… Ideally, Nate should be sleeping while he waits for class to begin at 8 AM. But how can he resist playing in the school grounds and the playroom?)
  • He can now identify the parts of the face by pointing to the part when the teacher says it in Mandarin! Wheeeee! Happiness! He now also understands “ting!”(second tone) which means stop (as in “stop running”, “stop crying”, “stop playing na, now na please!” Only, they’re in Mandarin. His Mandarin teachers, who have been so patient with him, must be exhausted after handling Nate, teehee.)

I’m quite happy with his school, but I shall write more on that in my next post. I must go and tuck the kids in bed. Tomorrow is another early day for us.

Good night!


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7 thoughts on “Pre-schooler Nate

  1. nate looks so pogi in his uniform 🙂
    buti pa kayo, he wakes up on his own in the morning. galing naman niya. kami, practice pa 😀

  2. is that his school uniform? not typical ah, cutie!

    weaning was my biggest battle, nagstop lang sila ng bottle feeding when they were in grade 4, grabe di ba

  3. Hi gehls! No that’s not his school uniform. Akshully, wala silang uniform for Nursery, just an apron for Arts time. I found that polo shirt sa American Shop at Crossings Dept Store. It’s Chaps RL, and best of all, P249 lang! haha. I got the last 2 pcs.
    @Girlie – whoa, grade 4!
    @Cess – nung una hirap din sya, but a week after school opening, okay na. Your kids will get the hang of it, am sure.

  4. Awww! He’s so big na! Ang bilis talagang lumaki ng mga bata. Where is he going to school Ate Chats? Adley will be in school this September pa (hopefully).

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