Postcard greeting cards

Yesterday, I saw a Plurk on my timeline asking how far we were in our Christmas lists… I was like, “What? Christmas na nga pala??!”

In a few days, July will be over, and before we know it, December na. Every year, as I find myself doing last-minute shopping, I say to myself never again. Every year na lang ganyan. hehe

Anyway, every year also, the family receives a Christmas postcard from a dear cousin in the States. It’s become like a tradition that he sends out these postcards. Every year, it’s a different photo of him, usually taken from some vacation he took some time during the year. Because of the advent of e-cards, snail-mail cards have become rare for most of us. So cousin’s postcard is one of the few cards I look forward to every year. (Hint, hint. Don’t stop sending ’em, cuz!)

I think it’s a good idea to send personalized greetings to loved ones. I am one of those who have stopped sending paper cards during Christmas because I prefer e-cards. But I think it’s a good tradition to revive. A lot of shops and online sites offer postcard printing services. Personalized greeting cards aren’t expensive, but they definitely are thoughtful. And family and friends will always appreciate thoughtfulness.

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