Play games to win OREO snack packs

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Share OREO site. Well, it’s fast becoming an “online bonding” activity between me and the kids.

I also realized that kids are really wired differently. They figure out stuff almost automatically that an adult brain would otherwise have some difficulty “analyzing”.

Case in point: the Twist, Lick, Dunk game on You see, it was Patch who figured out that the “Twist”, “Lick”, and “Dunk” blocks did specific actions. Twist will make the OREO cookie go straight; Lick will make it bounce high; and Dunk will dunk the cookie straight down wherever you direct it to go. So, in order to solve the puzzles and clear the levels, one has to keep those in mind when arranging the blocks.

Good news is that the kids and I completed the Twist, Lick Dunk game so we won a ticket to take part in an OREO Get Dunked event soon. The ticket says: “Experience what it’s like to be a human OREO!” Hmmmm… Interesting, but no thanks. I’ll get one of the kids to do it. 😛

Then there’s the other game on the site: the Bonding Puzzle. It’s quite easy — the goal is to get both mom and son to sit down at the table and share OREO snack packs. Once you complete the game up to level 3 for the first time, a prompt will come out whether you want to claim your 3 snack packs or “no thanks”. Click on claim, otherwise you forfeit your chance to get the snack packs (which is sadly what happened to me).

There, enjoy playing the games. I’d say let the kids play for you — they’re better at this. 😉 (Don’t worry, there are no security cameras watching over you.)

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