Pinoy Moms Network Lunch v.1.0

I finally met with some of the mommies of Pinoy Moms Network last Saturday at the Swiss Deli & Bistro along Sheridan in Mandaluyong City.

Judging from the non-stop chatter, there seemed to be an instant connection among the twelve mommies. Thanks to a common career- motherhood – and a common passion – blogging (or the two can be interchanged). Everyone knew about each one’s kids, hobbies, jobs, or life’s latest events.


Standing from left to right: Rach, Lynn, Noemi, Connie, Dine, Feng, moi, Cess, Julie, Lisa. Seated: Jane, Salen.

Connie, Noemi, Jane and Dine


Mommy bloggers with cameras and kids in tow. That’s Connie’s Sam (seated and shooting at me), who seemed to have a high affinity for me as her model.. Bad choice, Sam! Unless you plan to specialize in comedic photography… Behind her is Salen’s daughter N photographing some more moms.


Feng‘s Nico so delighted with the morphing feature of Dine’s SexyMac. (BTW, Sexy Mom is really sexy! And Dine is pronounced with a short i as in “Din”.)


Time was too short. Soon it was time to go.But not before Rach and I could shop for sausages at the Deli! (I believe we will make good shopping buddies πŸ˜€ ).

I am so happy to be part of PMN. Though our backgrounds are diverse, motherhood has brought us together. I hope this is the start of more mommy lunches and beautiful friendships as well.


On another note…

After the mommy lunch, I picked up my kids from the house and off we zoomed to a birthday party. It was wonderful, except that it was rained out. Too bad, because the giant slide would have been a big hit for the kids (and big kids adults!). Anyway, after dinner I was chatting with another mom. She was surprised to find out that I (and Shiraz, my younger sister) decided to stop working and chose to be a SAHM/WAHM. I was more surprised at her condescending comment:

“Bakit?? Sayang naman ang mga pinag-aralan natin kung magkukulong lang tayo sa bahay.” (or something to that effect, but just as irritating.)

My brow went up. I don’t know about her. But I am definitely using my education and brains raising my children.

28 thoughts on “Pinoy Moms Network Lunch v.1.0

  1. finally, your entry on the Mommy meet-up. once again, i’d like to say it was nice meeting you and the rest of the other Moms. sayang lang at the time was too short for some more chitchatting. anyway, there’s always a next time.

    parties galore pa pala kayo after the lunch. πŸ™‚ lalo nang nasira ang diet. πŸ™‚

    Hi feng! ay naku, on Sunday we went to another lunch birthday party. Sirang sira talaga diet, because both birthday parties had my fave – tempura! LOL

  2. hi, Chat,

    i had a wonderful time. next time, it will be chair hopping for us (anyway, we are all so used already to blog hopping). Each MOM had a story to tell, and photos to share. It’s amazing how 12 MOMS got together, had fun together, and planned but WROTE DIFFERENTLY–each has her own version, own style. Never a dull moment at PMN, never a dull moment in the blogosphere.

    btw, you have great pictures. as to being sexy, i guess it is a matter of hiding the flabs in the right places, and “stomach in”. cheerio

    Hi Dine! Yes, through the years of being flabby i’ve learned to hide behind black and to just suck it in, esp during photo ops! LOL

  3. Ò€œBakit?? Sayang naman ang mga pinag-aralan natin kung magkukulong lang tayo sa bahay.Ò€

    Dapat sinagot mo, “Sayang naman ang utak ng mga anak natin kung hindi sila turuan at alagaan nang mabuti dahil naiwan lang sa mga yaya na nanonood ng Wowowee at telenovela buong araw.”

    Hi christianne! Hay naku, tama ka! I was not prepared for the comment. It’s been a while since I was last told that. Now it makes me wonder if that’s the talk behind me…But so what.. As Cess said, the best way to show them that I chose correctly is by living it.

  4. Hi Chats. I really had a great time at our mommy lunch date. It was certainly worth the trip.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely shots. It’s nice how you captured those fun moments. I love Nico’s fascination as he looked at Dine’s Sexy Mac. I like our photo together. It was a pleasure having you as a seatmate and shopping partner. Judging how we chose the same thing on the menu and how we enjoyed shopping together, I have no doubt we’ll get along pretty well. I hope you don’t mind if I copy them as a keepsake. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward for more. Take care!

    Go ahead and copy the photo. πŸ™‚ It was my pleasure sitting and shopping with you too. Yes, I look forward to more lunches and swiping expeditions hehe

  5. BTW, I don’t agree with that comment from the mom you encountered at the party. I think SAHM/WAHM are able to use their education at home. Baka inggit lang yun. πŸ™‚

  6. Chateau! Mukhang nag slim down ka na! Ako wala pa rin! Naku, palagay ko, join na lang ako kay Jane sa yoga class niya!

    Sayang, di ako nakapunta, Anyway, next time, for sure! πŸ™‚

    Hi rhodora! Salamat for the compliment πŸ™‚ Hope you make it to the next EB. With your daughter studying in Manila this schoolyear, there’s good possibility, right? See you then.

  7. Hi Chat. You’re from the north din pala, so that makes four of us now. ‘Twas really nice to have lunch with all of you. Maybe next time we’ll extend it to merienda time. πŸ™‚

    Hi Lynn! Maybe next time tayong mga taga North can sked a mini-EB –> shopping/eating expedition! LOL

  8. chats, ang ganda ganda mo pala and all the mommies. the comments from the other mom were so insensitive. the nerve!

    Hi Belle! Iba talaga ang aura pag happy mommies pinagsama sama sa isang place… πŸ™‚

  9. Hello! Gaganda ng mga pictures! =) Sana next time, makapunta nako…

    Sino mga North? Taga-Novaliches ako…

    Dream ko talaga maging stay-home mum! Mas mabibigyan ko ng proper discipline, attention and education ang anak ko. Kaya nga, nakaka-ingit mga stay-home mums! =)

    Yes, I hope you will be able to join the next EB, Lizzzz…. Ganyan talaga kadaming zzzzz? LOL

  10. Chats, you are so pretty and so tall. I just hope we can have more time to talk in the next EB. πŸ™‚

    Don’t mind the other mom, hmmmp!

    Hi Julie! Thank you po for the compliment and for seeing beyond the flabs, hehe *blush* We’ll have more time in the next EB i’m sure.

  11. Cute naman. Mommies EB. πŸ˜›

    Hi Laarni! If you’re a Pinoy mommy who blogs actively, you can join Pinoy Moms Network too. Thanks for visiting!

  12. mommy chat!!! so glad to have met you. next time uli ha, and lets talk some more. share your secrets on how you keep your skin so flawless.

    Hay naku, sister, im afraid you’ll hear more of those comments. over the years ive learned to just smile and shrug my shoulders. and that the best way to explain our choice is to live it.

    take care! i really hope to see you again.

    Hi Cess! Naku, flawless? Tama, let’s sit nearer next time so you can see LOL.
    I agree with how you handle such comments. I’m pretty sure you get a lot of them too.

  13. Finally read about the Mom’s Lunch! Great pictures … ang gaganda nang mga blogger-moms.

    Ang tangkad mo pala — svelte mom ha. And according to Dine, very pretty pa. πŸ™‚

    And what you said is true — we blogging moms have instant connection with each other. Because of what we share, including our dreams and hopes for ourselves and our families. It is even possible blogging buddies know more about us than a casual offline friend of years and years.

    Yikes, svelte??? Aherm, that’s a first, annamanila LOL. I was svelte back in high school! I was tiptoeing in the photo so I looked tall..
    I hope to see you in the next mommy lunch, annamanila. Let’s bring tiles LOL

  14. wow. that must have been fun. it sure is pretty exciting to meet blogger friends in person ..

    Yes it was so much fun! And i’m sure it was the first of many.

  15. Hi fellow PMN mom,

    Great pictures! Parang mga nanalo sa lottery ang mga smiles, ninyo, kakainggit. I’ll make sure to joint the next PMN EB.

    re: snide remark: Hmm, perhaps the comment came from someone who is not comfortable with the choices she made, so she tends to judge others’ choices harshly.

    Fact is, we working moms envy you SAHMs. As it is, the yayas and inevitably, my daughter’s watching wowowee everyday (and who knows what happens at home while I am at work)is my constant worry.

    Hi soloops! Do join the next meeting…
    Hmm, I cannot speak for her as to why she said that. As for me, I am happy WHAMing. It’s not always fun and nice (like when we feel budget constraints, and I am tempted to go back to the work force). But yes, it is worth it. Our kids are more than worth it.

  16. Hello Chats πŸ™‚

    Been reading about the PNM mommy lunch all over, hehe. Di pa pala ako naka sulat ng intro ko dyan eh 2 months na ata akong member dyan. Will get to that. It’s great you got to meet other blogging moms! On a sidenote, I had my 1st PEx mommy EB, hehe … with purpleheadd! πŸ˜€

    On that other mom’s comment at the party, I would have raised by brow to the ceiling too! Lam mo naman gusto ko maging wahm di ba? The hardest job is being a mom and raising our kids well and I wanna do that for mine. Before it was no secret why I wanted to stop working, or at least work close to home, and my relatives would ask why, lalo na I had just completed my masters then. They’ve stopped asking, mostly because they think I’ve abandoned that thought.

    Hi May! Wow, you finally met purpleheadd huh? Sana sa next momex EB you’ll be in Manila so you can join us.. I hope you find fulfillment of your WAHM dream. Though I know naman you’re doing a great job with Zee being a working mom.

  17. Hi Chats! It was a great Saturday no? Pag-uwi nga ni Mama, kuwento ako agad. Then I thought, I should teach Mama how to use the computer, maybe she’ll be a better blogger than me! It must be exciting to have two generations of pinoymoms together hehe…

    I also thought the same way before, na nag-aral tayo to ba career women and not to be plain housewives LANG! BUT…it all changed when I became a Mom. There’s nothing I want more than to be a full-time Mom. Totoo pala yun. And you’ll never understand until you become a Mom yourself. (or until you love your family enough to forego your career? baka kasi nanay din pala yung “friend” mo hehehe. Bad ba)

    Twas great to meet you, Lisa. Maybe you should teach your mom to blog too, hehe. They have such rich experiences we can surely learn a lot from them!
    Mas mahirap nga talaga mag full SAHM than work as a career person! Ewan, she’s a mom too so.. ewan talaga. Kanya kanyang opinion, pero she should have respected my stand as I respect hers di va.

  18. I glanced at some photos from other mommies on the weekend but I was too tired to comment… so this is my first “Nakakainggit naman!” line.

    Good hint with sexy mom’s real name, in my mind I’m always saying “dyn” hehe

    RE: the un-enlightened mommy at the party
    Muntik na kong mag-tumbling sa sinabi nya ha.

    Hi auee! Have I mentioned how fun it was? LOL
    Muntik nga akong mahulog sa chair ko eh.

  19. Chats, Sam is very choosy with people she decides to like ha hehehe. Pati paa mo may pics hahahahaha

    Sam, i’m honored hehe.

  20. I was particularly drawn to the pics of kids with cameras. Nagmana sila sa mga PMN mommies nila πŸ™‚

    That “comment” was uncalled for…haaay… It really does pay to think twice before saying something that might offend the other person. πŸ™‚

    Hi Linnor! Next time won’t you join us?
    Or how does the saying go again? If you got nothing good to say, don’t say it at all!

  21. Hindi sayang ang pinag-aralan kung gagamitin sa tama. Lalo na kung sa pagpapalaki ng bata. Haynaku! Anyway, some people are like that. Mas mahirap atang maging housemom kesa mag office ano. If I have a choice, gusto ko talagang mag trabaho na lang. Pero naman! Anong values ang matututunan ng mga kids if they’re left alone with their yayas?

    Corek ka, mars. Ito ata ang pinakamahirap na career!

  22. hey, sorry for dropping sooo late!

    Still don’t have a maid and Im renovating my blog with my sis.. (hehehe).

    Nway, really enjoyed last Saturday! kidding aside, you’re really prettier in person.

    On another note, I guess it’s really up to us to know better. When I first stopped working to become SAHM, grabe sobrang nanghihinayang esp when I see my friends go up the corporate ladder… but now, when I see my kids doing very good in school — ok na. But as I said, It’s our choice!

    As I told you guys during our PMN lunch, I’ll be back in the corporate world. I cant refuse the offer … besides my kids’ values are very well set na.

    Take care of yourself.

    Salen! Thanks for the compliment ehehe… Good for you that you can make a come-back to the corporate world without worrying of your kids. I guess may kanya kanyang time yan. Siguro ako rin 10(!) years from now mag wowork ulit ako. LOL tagal pa nun!

  23. Where’s Annamanila in the pic?

    Hi! Annamanila’s not there, she couldn’t make it. Sayang, i was really looking forward to meeting her πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Chats,
    Great to read about the PMN meet. Mukhang enjoy talaga lahat.

    re: comment about SAHM …ako, i’d love to be that. I’d probably need more brains to function and able to do all the needs in the house and of my child. It is a great job, no pay nga lang. Pero rewarding.

    Hi Leah! How’s the blog project going? You’re right, ang hirap kaya mag-isip ng weekly menu at magturo ng Sibika at Kultura LOL πŸ˜€

  25. Chats… while slaving away at work, I have not yet lost that wahm dream. I’ll get there, hopefully soon. And of course, I’ll let you know!

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