Photo Hunt: Candy

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This week on, the photo hunt theme is candy.

I took this shot 3 years ago at a hotel lobby in Cebu City, Philippines. They look like yummy candy treats, but these are actually just colorful pebbles at the bottom of a fountain. 😛

But these are for real –


Chocolate cupcakes topped with a ton of sweet sugar icing, hard-candy strawberry, and candy sprinkles!


This cake looks too lovely and sweet to be eaten! Jillian is my equally lovely and sweet niece who celebrated her first birthday last year with a Strawberry Shortcake theme party.

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32 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Candy

  1. Ang ganda ah. Colorful. I love the cake even if I am not into strawberry. But the character used to my daughter’s favorite.

  2. thanks for the visit and comment. yah, hennin quit and she is still young. i like henin too she is good kahit maliit.

    have a good weekend.

  3. hmm those cupcakes and cake are too beautiful to be eaten 🙂 i would not dare take a bite to eat them which reminds me i got a beautiful flower made of something sweet 2 years ago and didn’t eat it… then i finally wanted to eat it but was afraid to get tummy ache 🙁 i threw it in the end.. oh well.

  4. Yes, the pebbles look more like candies than pebbles. The cakes look so yummy.

    Do visit mine if you have a chance.

    Happy photo hunting.

  5. I love these photos, Chateau. The cake, well, you can preserve the cake and not eat it, 😀

    Have a safe windy Sunday.

  6. I am back.

    I have a tag for you, tamang-tama for the kung-fu theme you just blogged about:

    Psych Out

    Thanks. I am patient with tags since I take my sweet time doing these 😀

  7. Chats, I tagged you to write something about your favorite show and here is the link:
    Psych Out

    Ok lang, if it takes you a long time to finish, ako ganun eh 🙂

  8. That’s an amazing cake and equally lovely cupcakes.

    I adore Strawberry Shortcake when I was younger. I remember I had a bag, pencil case and notebook with Strawberry Shortcake design. 🙂

  9. Wow beautiful birthday cake and cupcakes. Meron bang chocolate fountain. Parang medyo obsessed ako sa choc fountain eh. In 4 months Andeng will celebrate hers. awww … imbitahin kaya kita?

  10. Hi, the cake looks so yummy. Where did you buy it? My daughter is going to have her birthday next week and her theme is Strawberry shortcake too.

  11. Ang ganda ng cake at cupcake. Saan iyan binili? Birthday kasi ng aking pamangkin in two weeks time and favorite niya si Strawberry Shortcake.

  12. Hi there readers!

    The cake was my niece’s, so I asked my sister where she got it. Unfortunately, she has forgotten – it’s been over a year. I’m sorry I’m not very helpful 🙁

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