Pet Meme: 8 Random Things About Kipper

This meme is from Julie. I’d like to share some random facts about Kipper, our pet hamster.

1. He was a gift from a friend/gym buddy/co-parent at school.

2. Until recently, we weren’t sure about his gender. That’s because the indicators were too teeny-weeny for proper identification. Now that he’s grown bigger, I’m sure Kipper is male.

3. He is very nocturnal, just like his black fellows that scurry in the night (eeeek!). Kipper sleeps all day, and wakes up at around 7 or 8 pm.

4. He has found two main functions for his wheel: for exercise, and for sleeping under!


5. He has never taken a bath. I was told not to bathe him in water, because he might catch a cold and get sick. He grooms himself like a cat does. There is a dry bath salt that can be bought in shops, where hamsters can roll all over while the sand catches the dirt.

6. Ever wondered why hamsters keep “scratching” their cheeks with their paws? I learned this on Animal Planet recently: hamsters have pouches in their cheeks for storage of food and burrowing materials (such as wood shavings). They use their paws to push forward and out the stuff they’ve stored in their cheeks. So that’s why pellets and wood shavings miraculously appear up in Kipper’s tiny loft!

7. Hamster pregnancy lasts for only 3 weeks!

8. Kipper is of the Syrian hamster breed.

3 thoughts on “Pet Meme: 8 Random Things About Kipper

  1. Naku, good thing that Kipper is a he, otherwise you might get some babies (lots of em) my colleague thought she has a he hamster and it turned out it’s a she. She thought it was just getting fat and it turned out it was pregnant when they got it from the shop. Although the kids might be happy with the pregnancy. More Kipper juniors 🙂
    Teka lang on your twitter – that means you get money from blogging?? pano yon, let me know. sige ingats. Regards to the Flying Rav. Hope to see her again.

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