Pet hunting for the best family dog

We are looking for the best family dog. Well, because hub and I think the kids are old enough to share in the responsibility of owning a dog. At first, I wasn’t for it, because honestly, I’d rather take care of a fishtank than a pet that drools, poops, and bites.

But then again, why not? Dogs are affectionate, loyal, protective. On the other hand, fish are boring (no offense, Nemo) and mortality rate (at least under my hands) is high!

Plus, I don’t have to do DIY grooming anymore, as there’s a pet grooming shop in the next-door village. There are a lot of dog accessories now that will make pet-life so much easier and more fun. (I went ahead and browsed the net and found these cute pet beds – I didn’t know they now come in all shapes and kinds!)

So we are now on our third week of pet hunting for the best family dog that will suit my kids. Every weekend since three weeks ago, we’ve gone to the pet hubs in Metro Manila – from Tiendesitas’ Pet Village to good ol’ Cartimar in Pasay, and even to the Arranque Market on Recto! (I pity the poor state of the animals at Arranque, by the way. Boo. ๐Ÿ™ )

In between weekends, I lurk in Philippine pet forums searching classifieds and reading experiences of pet owners.

So far, on top of our choices are:

akita inu best family dog

(Image by Norieli Teixeira)

Akita Inu. Obviously because of that movie “Hachiko” that’s been on at HBO Asia. Besides, we saw an adorable akita pup when we went to Tiendesitas – it was really gentle and cuddly and just too cute. However, my vet-cousin says they shed a lot (not good for Nate’s skin asthma), howl a lot, and because they are mainly guard dogs, aggression could be a problem.

Rottweiler. Despite the negativity the rottie has gotten in the news, touted as the number one killer-dog in the US (according to my cousin)… Haay, yes, husband still wants one. I’m not too keen on a rottie, because I have a young son whose kakulitan could possibly provoke it to anger. And even if dog experts say the rottie is really gentle and loving and loyal, I don’t think I’d risk it.

Goldren Retriever. It seems like the perfect choice – cheerful, intelligent, gentle with children. It’s a medium shedder, though, so that could be a problem for Nate’s skin asthma. A labrador has these similar characteristics too – including the shedding. Either of these two could be our best family dog. Hmm.

bichon frise best family dog

Husband wants medium- to big-sized dogs. Personally, I’d like a small dog –ย a maltese or shi-tzu or a Bichon Frise. Don’t let the long hair fool you – these breeds are actually light shedders.

(Image by BackyardBirderWa)

In fairness, the mixed breed puppies we saw at Arranque were cute too. We petted a cuddly 6-week old goldador (golden retriever + labrador, though I highly doubt that both parents are purebreds) and we would have taken it home on impulse if it weren’t so expensive. The lady was selling it at P4,500. There were labrarot (labrador + rottie) puppies too, selling for P3,000. Hub thinks we were given overpriced rates, because families with excited kids seem most vulnerable to those tactics. So he will try to go back by himself one of these days.

Anyway, we hope to have finally decided on a pet dog by summer. Could you suggest what is theย best family dog for us?

5 thoughts on “Pet hunting for the best family dog

  1. Hi Mommy Chats! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just want to suggest lang sana, if you have friends who breed dogs, dun na lang po sana kayo kumuha. At least sigurado, and I’m sure the prices could be negotiated. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love dogs too. We have a half breed goldren labrador at home, got it from a relative. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope your kids have fun with your future family dog! (and I do hope no one’s allergic to the dog hair)

  2. Mommy Chatty,

    The golden retriever is a good choice—playful, very active and pleasant can be charming too depends on the lineage. (I have one and a girl at that! Sayang, she’ll be ready for motherhood again by the end of the year pa):)

    Labrador is okay but it has tendency to just lie around, a good pet dog though.

    Beagle, sheds less than the retriever and labrador, small to medium sized dog. Cute and cuddly. (Had 2 but unfortunately both got afflicted by the dreaded parvo)

  3. Hi Yanna! Yes, we’re also looking into breeders, since they’d probably be more reliable. Nate has skin asthma so we need to choose a dog that sheds minimally.

    Hi Boz Don! Oo nga eh, I am now more inclined towards a golden retriever. Ahhh, pag nanganak ang golden ret mo at wala pa kami doggy, let me know ha! Sorry to hear about your beagles. My sister has a beagle – malambing and makulit nga.

  4. just saw ur post while i was figuring out where aranque market is., im also shopping for a dog ^_^ i already have a rot, female. they are very gentle and affectionate.. mine is agressive when you approach her while feeding.. but through constant research and curiosity most i’v learned is everything is in the training! when getting a dog he has to understand that ur the boss of him.. not the other way around.. and its also advisable to make him work for affection so he wont feel like he can get away with anything.. and dont let him fixate on something.. an item.. a person.. coz thats the most common source of aggression.. not knowing that he’s fixated on a person or item.. gudluck wid ur dog! ^_^ training also teaches patience and responsibility to kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ oh and cn i ask where exactly is aranque?? -_-” hehehe

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