Our pet hamster – Kipper

My friend told me way back in November that she was going to give my kids a pet hamster. Of course my kids got all excited. But we… well, I kept on postponing the trip to the pet shop.

Finally, my friend reminded me that the hamster is almost two months old now, so if I am ready, she will bring the little guy for adoption.

iMom: Oh, yeah! The hamster… Sige, next week…

In reality, I was trying to avoid having to adopt it because furry rodent-like creatures freak me out! But since the kids were eager and expectant (read: nangungulit!), avoidance was nearly impossible.

But I had to prepare for the pet hamster’s arrival. I first went to Bio-Research at SM North Edsa to shop for a cage, some wood shavings, food, and what else the little guy might need. But the least expensive cage was an approximately 12-inch wide plastic terrarium selling for P480.00. No accessories included yet. The bigger cages were around P1300+. And, oh, the drinking bottle would cost P275.00.

iMom to sales guy: Mas mahal pa yan kesa sa bote ng baby ko ah!

Sales guy to iMom: Japan-made po kasi yan.

Yeah right, whatever. This bargain-hunting momma isn’t falling for that crap. Then I remembered the extensive pet village at Tiendesitas! Surely, we would find everything we needed for the little guy (who remained nameless up to this point of the story) there! So the next Sunday family outing was scheduled to be at Tiendesitas.

At Tiendesitas, we did find a cozy blue-and-white wire cage selling for only P568.00, inclusive of a wheel, a house, a feeding tray, and a mezzanine! 😀 The kids and the husband were so thrilled we bought it immediately.

pet hamster equipment hunting Tiendesitas

The kids had fun watching dogs and cats being groomed…



… and petting a Guinea pig.


Of course, what’s a trip to Tiendesitas without checking out the food? We had an everything-grilled lunch – bangus, chicken and pork. Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos. Apparently, the family was so famished, food disappeared even before I could shoot. I also bought some organic brown rice for only P28.00 per kilo at the Ifugao Rice Depot. I forgot to stop at Wado’s for bibingka, though. Wado’s has the best bibingka for me… And that’s not because it’s owned by my sister’s sis-in-law ha! 😉

Back to the little guy…

We can’t go on calling the little guy the little guy, so we had to come up with a name. Suggestions came from all family members:

Ville (from a certain cartoon show daw called Hamsterville). Bill. Little Bill. Oreo. Coco. Chokoleit (jologs!). Mocha. Hamsty (from husband; got the least vote; hehe). Kipper.

I voted for Oreo, but Kipper won. So Kipper he shall be.

Meet our pet hamster – Kipper!

pet hamster kipper wheel

25 thoughts on “Our pet hamster – Kipper

  1. I’m not showing this to my kids. They’ve been bugging me too for a pet hamster or a…little mouse (yakk!!). We already have a cage (it used to be for Chomper the bunny and Chikchik the sisiw). I just can’t bring myself to say yes because, like you, furry little rodents freak me out. Haayyy….

    Hi cookie! Basta my condition with my kids is that they take care of it, not I. So far, they have been keeping their end of the deal. Crossing my fingers it will last a while.

  2. My kid has a hamster named Marky (which we got from Market Market!) Until now, di ko pa rin mahawak-hawakan. Pet or not, I still think it’s a glorified rat he he he

  3. having a pet is a wonderful experience for kids. it would teach them responsibility, respect for animals and also enhances their self confidence – imagine that little creature is now dependent on them for its food and hygiene 🙂
    have fun with kipper!

  4. like cookie,
    i am not showing this to my kids either.
    ever since our dog died, they have been making sounds about another dog…or a hamster.
    basta somenthing alive that ultimately I
    will end up taking care of and crying the most when it meets its untimely demise.
    I am not ready yet–but when the time comes, i will turn to you for advice.

  5. Hi everyone!
    So far, the kids have been enthusiastic, taking turns cleaning the cage and petting Kipper. At first, they were scared as hell to touch him. (I still am! haha). But now they’re over it, and they love holding him. Buti nalang, they got over the fear, or else i would end up having to pet him. hehe

  6. Like you I’m not into furry rodent-like animals. I’m not really fond of pets except for birds. But admittedly, hamsters are cute especially when I look at how they play. My daughter had a pet rabbit then but it went pfft kasi nag-iisa daw. So next time, we have to buy two.

  7. Kipper is a perfect name. Yohan wants a hamster too but since we got him a fish and his classmate gave him turtles on the day of their Show-and-Tell at school, he somehow forgot about it. Feeling ko lang, maalala nya din eventually and ask for one.

    Getting a pet is a wonderful way to teach children about responsibility and caring for another living thing. Nice to know that the kids had a great time that day.

    BTW, here’s a fun tag for Patchy.

  8. That’s a great way to teach kids to be responsible and kind to animals without getting a dog (which is too much responsibility for me, hehe)

    By the way, you’re tagged!

  9. I was going to get Kelvin a fish (in a bowl) but I was vetoed. But I really want him to have a pet. Not sure about a hamster, though he’s been whining about puppies.

  10. I should have guessed you got your kids a pet.

    Kipper is a charmer. You should have gotten him a partner.

    Do you know hamsters are more prolific than rabbits? We raised dozens, giving away many, until …..

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