Patchy is Wired

My dear daughter iPatch got “wired” last week!

When I was growing up, braces were perceived to be just for the R.K.s (rich kids). Hence I did not have them. Nowadays, braces are a necessity. Patch needed to get braces because her mandible and maxillary bones were too small to accommodate all her permanent teeth. Yep, it’s getting pretty crowded in her mouth. Her canines have been trying to get out for some time already, but there simply wasn’t any room for them anymore.

Three brackets down; 7 more to go!

The path to finally getting wired was a difficult one. The dentist had to create space for the permanent teeth to come out. In two weeks, she had to have 5 milk teeth extracted – 4 molars and 1 pre-molar. These teeth had multiple roots, so imagine the pain. When we came to the 4th and 5th extractions, Patch could not help herself from crying. Dang! those molar extractions could get pretty bloody too!

But now we’re glad it’s all over. The anticipated pain and mouth sores that were supposed to come with getting wired did not come, thankfully. It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m crossing my fingers. Her appetite is almost back to normal – but she still has to take smaller bites than what she’s used to (good training on being lady-like at the table!).

Patch Wired

Patch blogged about her braces in her blog. Please go visit – she will appreciate it! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Patchy is Wired

  1. ouch, that hurts! just reading about that make my teeth ache.. yikes! i’m glad it’s over now or at least a bit of it, how long does she need to wear the braces?

  2. ok lang yaaan! i have always believed that those contraptions (braces and retainers) are pampaganda =D e pretty girl na siya ngayon pa lang. so chat, you watch out when she’s in college na, hehehe!

  3. Hi Toni and Wenchie! Surprisingly, it did not hurt as much. I noticed the brackets are smaller than how they used to be made, so siguro hindi na masyadong abrasive sa gums.

    Hi Cess! I think braces also prevent certain disorders of the jaw, so they’re not just for beauty. naku, dyan na nga ako kinakabahan pag nagdalaga siya. 🙁

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