Patch’s Birthday Books

Patch turned 12 last weekend. And I knew exactly what she wanted: BOOKS.

So I took her last Saturday to National Bookstore, which incidentally is holding the annual book sale. We wanted to buy the latest installments of The 39 Clues, the current rave among booklovers her age. But only Books 1 to 4 were available; books 5 and 6 are yet to be released. (We’re now in the queue, hehe.)

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure she was happy with her take-home:

Princess Diaries Collection (Meg Cabot)

-Not exactly this one, but a paperback version. I was going to take a photo for this entry, but I can’t find the book anywhere. Patch must have brought it to school.

The Legend of Zoey (Candie Moonshower)

She also got one more Nancy Drew book to add to her collection. And, for myself, I got One Hundred Years of Solitude paperback at a super-bargain price of Php78.00! 😀 Happiness!

For all four books, the total bill came under Php700.00! *insert plurk banana emoticon here*


I am glad that my daughter loves reading, more than playing video games on the internet or the xbox 360. Of course she plays Restaurant City and Farm Town (on my behalf, hehe), but since she uses my account I can easily control how much time she spends there.

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