Parker – before and after

My bunso, Parker, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past months. We got him in March when he was just almost 3 months old – cute and cuddly. Today, he is a few days over 9 months. Still cuddly, but no longer cute. He is BIIIIIIIG!

I thought I’d share this before and after photo below. Both pics were taken by daughter Patch. On the left was when Parker first visited the village park in March. On the right was a photo taken a few days ago at the same park.

Even if he slobbers and drools and could almost knock us down when he jumps on to us… even if he chewed on the car’s mudguard (please not the tires, or else should we get big, thick ATV Tires??) and all the table legs’ corners, aaaack, we don’t regret having Parker one bit.

Parker is a sweet little big boy. I look forward to coming home because he would always run towards the gate when he hears me honk. Parker looks forward to hub’s coming home more than anyone else though. That’s because Hub, and only he, lets Parker chew on his arm!

Hay, time flies. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Parker – before and after

  1. oh yes, golden retrievers grow to be big but lovable dogs. i was in the process of adopting a five month old but someone got it first :(.

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