Packages and Papermate Pens

When I was a child, I used to look forward to those huge boxes of goodies from our relatives in the U.S. Package, we call them. Among the contents of the package, my favorites were Barbie dolls (sister # 3 and I always got one each, from either Auntie P or Auntie V), those red-and-white-swirled peppermint candies, and the distinct smell of “stateside” stuff. Oh, I used to love deeply breathing in that sweet smell!

Of course, I loved those Papermate pens, to which I was not entitled yet because I was too young for pens. The Papermate pens were reserved for my older siblings who were in high school and college. No pens for this first-grader who only needed pencils in school. But because I loved the thick and smooth lines when writing doodling with these pens, I always managed to sneak away one or two. 😛

2 thoughts on “Packages and Papermate Pens

  1. ahhh! I can still remember that certain ‘stateside’ smell pag bukas na pagbukas ng kahon! Add to that the endless supplies of corned beef and spam.

  2. I was more of the rival pen fan, Bic and Reynolds 🙂 Meron pa dati commercial na Kilometrico, kilometricooo… Teka, Papermate nga ba ito? Sus, bistado ang edad.

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