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A few weeks ago, Christianne requested for photos of our tiny Japanese-inspired garden and some gardening tips. Though late, I am glad to oblige to the first request. But gardening tips?? I need them myself! The green-gene skipped my thumb, though somehow managed to creep into my brain… So I’m another kind of green! πŸ˜› (Environmentalist, anuveh!)

The garden was designed by my sister DaVinci. She bought the plants and supplies (pebbles, adobe blocks, sand, pots, etc) from gardening shops at the Manila Seedling Bank along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Then she hired two or three men to carry out her vision. If I remember right, the whole project was done in three days. She has a creative mind, which I don’t!

Here are some photos I took when we just moved in late last year. There was a light afternoon shower, and the plants were looking so vibrant and refreshed.





I’m glad I took these photos. The garden used to be beautiful… currently, it needs some a lot of grooming. As I said, I’m not much of a gardener. The Chinese bamboo and horsetail plants are so prolific. They’re all over! How do I control where they sprout? Any tips?




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  1. Haaaay. I have LONG been wanting a zen garden. But green thumb I ain’t got! Lalo na imagination. Your garden looks so pretty, pretty!

    What works for me is super low maintenance garden (as in…the fewer weeds to pull out, the fewer plants to water, the better!)

    When your sister feels ready for a garden makeover project, let me fall in line….


    Hi Jane! The garden is quite low maintenance – no grass to water/trim, the bamboos abound even without much water. Yun nga lang, the bamboos and horsetail plants need constant trimming. Hmm.. looks like my sister can consider retirement from her job LOL

  2. chats, nice garden! your sister did a wonderful job, she should go into landscaping business as not very many people have that creative mind.

    know what you can always go back to where your sister bought the garden supplies and ask them how to care for the plants.

    Hi Belle! That’s 2 votes for her to go into the landscape biz!

  3. I love the look of the garden. Very modern, very serene. Or I should say I love how the garden lookED like. hehehe… kidding

    I am not much of a green thumb either! I have a single plant in my room that is so low-maintenance, it can go for weeks without watering! hehe

    Yup, you’re right.. it doesn’t look that way anymore πŸ™ and all the admiration it’s getting here makes me want to restore it!

  4. wow, beautiful garden. how i wish i can have something like this. hope to see this in real life when i get to visit you. the v. is looking forward to meeting you in person (he has been keeping track of you through imom but won’t leave comments).. hey maybe i can give you some seeds to plant in the next exchange. . hmm but i don’t really know what you need for a zen garden..

    Hopefully by the time you visit, the garden will have a semblance of the original haha! Zen gardens usually just have simple green plants, not the flowery types.. hey, i PLAN (!) to plant some potted herbs, maybe you could send some seeds like basil, thyme, rosemary (mabubuhay ba mga yan dito?)

  5. i can only appreciate the serenity of your garden, cannot give any tips–am not a green thumb. it will be rainy season soon, then it will be maintaining it so differently from summer.

    Pareho tayo, sexy mom! Plants seem to die out on me LOL. During the rainy season, the plants come alive on their own so I’m looking forward to it!

  6. ganda ng garden mo. πŸ™‚
    trim the bamboo and horsetail plants. trim trim and trip. that’s what my dad does.

    Hi mars! Thanks for dropping by and for the tips. ganun lang pala- trim and trim! Your dad has a similar garden?

  7. You have this piece of zen haven in your yard?! Inggit naman ako. Your sis Da Vinci .. i she a professional? I have always wanted a beautiful garden .. since I read Secret Garden. I got some flora which I sometimes summon the nerve to call a garden. LOL Tutuo kaya talaga yung green/brown thumb — o meron lang talagang mas masipag, mas matiyaga at caring sa pagtatanim?

    Ok, 3 votes for DaV to go into landscaping LOL! She’s not a pro, but very creative lang talaga. She likes beautiful things…
    Our mom is super masipag, matyaga and caring w/ her plants. That’s why she’s a green thumb. On the other hand, she does seem to have some magical ability to bring a dying plant back to life! Like the time she stuck to the ground a withered mum stem, which soon enough began to grow buds and green leaves! She left that with me, guess where the plant is now? In heaven! LOL. She’d often bring home orchid bulbs, dried stems, various seeds, and roots from her travels. So far she has succeeded to grow them all… Hmmm, maybe I should write about her green thumb-ness soon.

  8. ay naku, asar talaga, you know what? i was thinking of the same herbs, as in.. i could have taken them from the rack today while shopping for your sausages.. kaso sabi ko baka you’re not interested.. sige will check tomorrow, i hope murphy is not against me again.. just so you know, debrezciner.. nowhere to be seen! the v. will be looking for some in that town where he has his project. i think you can grow them, we sent some herbs before to hubby’s friend in malaysia and it grew.. if i can grow kangkong here (yup did it last summer) you could grow the herbs there too.

  9. Toni! Murphy seems to like playing wit us LOL. If debrezciner is nowhere to be found, okay na schinken mettwürst. I had it for breakfast today. It’s yummy just sliced and grilled in the oven, and eaten with some baguette.
    The rainy season is coming, and it might be good to grow herbs since the climate will be cooler. Hmm, must read on it, i’d want these herbs to live long enough to see you and V when u visit!

  10. You have a lovely garden. I love that nice photo collage you made.

    Our garden needs some tending. The heat is taking its toll on the plants and we try to water them twice a day now.

  11. Hi Rach! Thank goodness it’s been raining in the afternoon lately. Our plants (and WE) need to cool down.

  12. Hi Chats! Hehe siyempre after 10,000 years tsaka ko nakita ako. The design of the garden is perfect! Even if you didn’t have the time to take care of it recently, I’m sure with a bit of TLC babalik na siya sa dati!

    I wonder when we’ll be able to afford a house and a garden of our own. Haay!

  13. Hi there! Syempre after 10,000 more years before ko nasagot comment mo haha.
    It’s been raining here a lot, nabubuhay na ulit ang mga namatay LOL.

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