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Oregano leaves for cough – I’ve seen my mama use it before, but i’ve never really tried it until now.

Manila weather is now transitioning from (relatively) cool to summery warm. And sometimes we’d get both in one day – cool mornings/evenings and uber-hot afternoons! Lately, we’d also get a bit of drizzling. It’s crazy weather we have!

The result: kiddie noses go haywire! And the sniffles so quickly turn into coughing. (Because of post-nasal drip, the doc says – mucus in the nose falls down the back of the nasal cavity and into the throat when one lies down during sleep so, voila, instant cough in the morning!)

I believe in modern medicine. But I also believe that taking too much synthetic drugs isn’t good for the kidneys and liver. So, I try to avoid giving meds to my kids as much as I can.

When the the lagundi cough preparation came out, I gave it a try and found that it works. (Nate gets skin rashes though, so I stopped giving him lagundi.)

There are a lot of natural remedies that we can turn to for simple colds and sore throat. Boiling ginger to make an ale is a common one.

I didn’t know I had a pot of oregano plant in the small garden. Apparently, ate Josie got a stem from a neighbor and  stuck it on some potted soil. The stem is now a full plant that’s healthily growing.

I remember reading somewhere about the use of oregano leaves for cough, so I gathered some leaves and boiled them to make oregano tea (for myself, I was unsuccessful into getting the kids drink it). It wasn’t so bad; I loved the minty taste. I would have added some honey if I had some.

oregano leaves for cough

Oregano leaf extracts/juices are said to be good for asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough and rheumatism. Oregano tea (a decoction  of oregano leaves) is taken to relieve sore throat and to prevent degeneration of the  joints (“rayuma” or osteoarthritis).

I haven’t attempted juicing oregano leaves yet. But I just might try it one day soon.

Natural remedies are safer options for simple aches and pains that parents can consider. Besides, being on-call nurses (will I dare say quack docs? haha) to our own kids is probably one of the more challenging health care jobs one can have.

What natural remedies do you have in your home “infirmary”?

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  1. hello chats, you can just dry the leaves and use them as tea/ add it to your tea –whatever herbs you are using.. i normally drink them (aside from using it for cooking) but with a mix of camomile/mint etc….

  2. Hi Manang! Thanks for the tip. Sige I will try that. You know what I tell my daughter now, who has cough? I tell her to chew on a fresh leaf 3x a day. Hahahaha! It’s bitter daw but she endures it naman.

  3. Hi!

    I was surfing the web for Pinay bloggers and got into this blog. Perfect timing coz I now have a cough that wouldn’t go away and as advised by my son’s pediatrician (ok, advice was for them but it applies to me also, right?) try herbal or water therapy before anything else. Will ask neighbor whose garden I envy very much if she has oregano.

    Nice to read a blog from someone from Baguio (I was in Quirino Hill for 3 yrs, when I was a student in SLU)

  4. Hi,

    I’m a big fan of something eco friendly too. I use to take a freshly squeeze lemon and some honey, and a year ago found another very good alternative the organic apple cider and t’was a miracle concoction cause my son dermatitis is now totally in control and my daughter asthma became calm this year. Thank You and God Bless. 🙂

    I’m new to blogging please help me to build my page. Thank you and have a magical day. 🙂

  5. Guyz, this is what we do and it works: Much easier and more pure
    1. Wash the leaves
    2. Heat the leaves in a pan (low heat)and GENTLY press it against the pan with a spoon until the leaves turn a little greener/darker but NOT brown! Do NOT press too heavily/hard.
    3. Above any container, squeeze the leaves with your CLEAN hands and make sure that you have any BIG container under it so the leaf extracts will go directly to the container and will not be wasted.

    This procedure is much easier to do and you will get the PURE extracts of the leaf.

    tnx! Hope this helps! Follow the instructions carefully.

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