Only the good: Positive blogging

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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions so I rarely make any.

This year, though, I resolve to do this: I will post only about positive things and thoughts in my blog and social networks. I’ve had my share of rant posts in the past (it could be the age, y’know) and, looking back, they aren’t very pleasant to read. Reading about rants and complaints drags people down.

I need to remind myself more often that negativity is a very strong force – stronger than positivity. And the more I talk, think, post negatively, the more negative forces I attract to myself. I want a good year for my family and loved ones, so I will talk, think, post only about positive things –  the law of attraction!

Not all are innately optimistic, and the attitude takes a lot of cultivating. So share with me – what’s your strategy in keeping your mind positive?

Here’s to positive blogging!

3 thoughts on “Only the good: Positive blogging

  1. I try to stay positive by not dwelling on the negatives and always searching for the positive. I agree about negativity being a drag. I always get caught in the rants and snarky posts though. I think it’s the ‘tsismosa’ in me lol! I need to do less of that and focus more on the things that make me smile.

  2. Hi JMom! It’s so easy to get caught in the snarky posts -guilty din ako haha! Yes I agree – focus more on those that make us smile! Thanks for the visit! P.S. I miss blog -hopping like we used to do!

  3. I started going the positive direction (not quite there) when I began brooding over slights .. imagined or real. Thought I would give no one — even the Khi,Chi or however you call cosmic energy — to turn harsh on me. One uphill journey … getting there slow by slow.

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