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For the most part of the week, I have been busy shooting/editing/uploading photos, downloading auction tools, writing and re-writing item listings.

Yep, I’m back to Ebaying. I started selling stuff on 2 years ago, before I discovered blogging. Then I discovered blogging, so my Ebay shop (if I may so call it) went into hibernation.

Last week (before my kids got sick – that’s another story), my sister told me she was selling some of her designer bags and asked if I could post them online for her. I’d get a commission for any bag I sell. Of course I was quick to agree!

While I was at it, I remembered I still had some stocks of GRAyCES accessories. Remember my sisters’ boutique up in Baguio? Last year before Christmas I tried selling some of their items, and I still have a few pieces left. I’ve been wanting to put up a online shop, but it seems commercial use of the site is against the TOS. (Then why are there a lot of Multiply stores???) Anyway…

So, along with my sister Rav’s authentic designer bags (a Gucci hobo, a Louis Vuitton Papillon, and a Fendi shoulder bag) , GRAyCES accessories are up for sale in my Ebay store. The bags are on auction, by the way. Please check it out. I plan to make a semi-career out of Ebaying, since the need to earn on my own has become more and more apparent in the recent months. With prices of commodities skyrocketing all over, who wouldn’t need extra income? And, oh no, enrollment day looms ahead!

Two other bags (A Nina Ricci and a fab Chanel quilted patent) are on queue for listing, and they will be up as soon as I get more details about them.

View my Ebay shop here.

(Now I’m off to NFA-Visayas to line up for rice! Thanks to Scroochchronicles for the tip.)

P.S. PayPal payments are accepted in my store, so international buyers are welcome. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Online Selling

  1. Naku….tatakot akong tumingin!! When are you putting the Chanel up? Hehehe 🙂

    Alam mo yung sister ko was able to sell all her old office equipment on ebay. I don’t know how she did it..but she did it.

    I hope this new venture of yours rakes it in 😀

  2. Hi Cess! Yes, Ebaying is a good option for SAHMs like us. Give it a try. Unfortunately, it seems and even is undergoing maintenance today. I can’t access my account.

    Hi Cookie! Tomorrow I will go take measurements of the Chanel. Anything and everything (except of course prohibited goods) can be sold at Ebay! Naku naadict din ako dati, hehe. Just be careful, because there are frauds too.

  3. goodluck with ebaying.. i also want to do that here.. vlado has sold his mobile phone before . i’m planning to sell all my english books

  4. Been wanting to learn how to do buy and sell at Ebay but till now, I still have no idea how to do stuff there. Ah, need to find time.

    Good luck on your Ebaying.

  5. I’ve been Ebaying for a year now and also Amazon…(amazoning? 😀 ) So far, good transactions. But haven’t pursued selling yet. Will check your Ebay.

  6. Hi Abaniko! It used to be so much easier to sell. But since the upgrade, parang hindi na user friendly. But for bloggers like you, it’s gonna be a breeze. Start with building your reputation by being a good buyer. But buy only from reputable sellers.

    Hi Lynn! Enjoy din mag ebay no? What do you buy there? If you’ve established your rating, pwede ka na mag sell. Ako 13 palang pero 100% + hehe.

  7. Hi Manang Toni! 😀
    Oo, I sometimes look there for books too. Which reminds me, i’ve got to search for the kids’ reading program books for the coming school year…

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