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My family is growing bigger and we no longer fit in the sedan. Not that there’s a new addition (not anymore in the plans, duh). But we are growing – literally. Patch is almost like a full-grown adult, while V seems to have expanded this summer vertically and horizontally — exponentially! (I hope her classmates recognize her when school starts.)

Well, Nate, despite being huge for an almost- 4-year old, is still child-sized. But he carries with him an excess baggage in the form of Ate Josie. Yup, we can’t leave home without her.

So.. where was I? Oh yeah, the growing family…

Travelling most of the time with four adults and two (super-kulit) kids makes a sedan super cramped! So I have been on the lookout for second-hand vans or SUVs that can fit us comfortably.

Online classified ads make life so much easier, and is one of those sites I’ve been frequenting lately. I know of a mommy-blogger friend who was able to buy a  second-hand family vehicle off Her husband seems happy with the vehicle. So I’m hoping I’d get a good bargain on any van for sale there too.

I really do not know why, but my hub seems in love with the Nissan Serena.

IKR? I mean, it’s not getting rave reviews; fuel consumption doesn’t seem so efficient (from what I’ve read). But, oh yeah, resale value is not so high. So for second-hand car buyers like us, that’s another thing to consider: low resale value. Of course, other things to look at are service and parts availability. I know Toyota is still one of the best when it comes to service and affordability of parts.

Anyway, wish us luck with the hunting. I can’t endure another loooong and cramped Baguio trip in December.

5 thoughts on “Online car hunting

  1. there’s something about Nissan, I don’t know. May love affair with Nissan din si Nelson. Actually yung car ko lang ang ibang brand =) . It was nice seeing you and Cookie kanina!

  2. Love this article!!

    Funny because my Dad and I were talking about upgrading a car when a family’s kids are growing up because we saw a whole family of 6 go out of an old Civic. When we were younger, we had an American-sized sedan (like that of the police cars you see in US movies) and though it was already big, we were still cramped when the whole family goes out (at that time there were 7 of us! LOL!)

    Anyway, I agree with you when you said that Toyota still is one of the best when it comes to service, availability and affordable parts. It is essential that you consider this when purchasing a vehicle – be it brand new or previously-owned.

    Good luck in your search. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your needs. 🙂

  3. Hi MommyBa! Thanks for sharing that. Mas malaki naman sa Civic ang car namin, hehe, pero yes, cramped na talaga at naglalakihan na sila lahat. I hope we find the car we need soon, along with the BUDGET for it. haha!

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