One warm summer day…

…my girls were too hot to wait for the real thing.

Earlier that day, hubby promised to bring them for a night swim to the village pool. But the afternoon heat was too unbearable for the girls.

So, with my permission, they each got two plastic baby tubs, filled them with water, and enjoyed batya-swimming and splashing for about 3 hours.


It’s nice to listen to the sweet chatter of little voices, and the candid talk that goes on when they think nobody is listening 😛 (I was blogging/spying from the room upstairs; I shot this from the window).

How do you and your kids beat this sweltering summer heat?

5 thoughts on “One warm summer day…

  1. Fun fun fun! When we were kids, my brother and I used to do the same thing when it got too hot during the summer, only we used the giant palanggana’s used for the laundry 😀

    And I love your garden! Request naman, pa-post ng pictures and landscaping tips.

  2. Fun! My kids used to do that … but now, they’re asking me to but the big inflatable swimming pool… but with our new dog, I’m still trying to figure out where to place the pool.
    I agree with Christianne, nice landscaping… Im also about to do mine.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Hi christianne and salen!
    i’m not much of a gardener. I inherited this garden from my sister who was the first owner of this home. SHE is the one with knack for design (she designed this); gardening, i doubt hehe. Sige, I will post the photos I took long time ago when it looked better and kept!
    oh yes, christianne, the giant aluminum palangganas we did too haha!

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