On wang wang-less streets

Every day, on the way to my kids’ school, I pass through one of the richer communities in Quezon City. Many of the homes here are the old-rich, and most have big-boss cars. Naturally, because they are big bosses and they ride big-boss cars, they have wang-wangs and blinkers.

No motorist should dare cross them (literally) or be bagal-bagal in front, because these big bosses do not have patience for Manila traffic. Their time is so much more important than everybody else’s, so they must use wang-wangs, blinkers and hagads to get everybody off the way.

Eh, si Noynoy naging presidente. Eh he doesn’t like wang-wangs, blinkers and hagads. Eh, hassle ngayon ang mga big boss with big-boss cars.

Case in point…

On my way back to get the son from school this morning, I had to pass through the rich community again. Two black big-boss cars – one Chevrolet Suburban, one Ford Expedition, both with blinking hazard lights – were getting off a side street and going towards the main street where I was. I let the first one through, but because the second was a bit slow, I proceeded. Mega violent reaction the second big-boss car by blinking its bright lights at me.

I can only LMAO. Sorry na lang. Ang big-boss car is now wang wang-less, so it’s now pipi, and can only do “beautiful eyes” with it’s bright-beam lights. Hahahaha, how frustrating is that for a big boss brat?? I’m sure, once upon a time, these big boss cars had wang-wangs, blinkers and hagads. But those happy times are gone. Hopefully, for a long, long time.

Actually, I really am quite pleased that the streets are now wang wang-less. *crosses fingers*


Last week, blogger friend Salen and I had a good 30-minute circuit training workout at the 360 Fitness Club. It was my first time in three years to do circuit training that my body ached for a few days afterwards. I actually needed some massage andย joint pain relief. I will blog more about my 360 Fitness Club experience in my fitness blog… in a while. ๐Ÿ˜€

3 thoughts on “On wang wang-less streets

  1. hello, I stumbled over here looking up pancit palabok… what an interesting site and lovely pictures. What in the world is a wang wang?

  2. Hi Sandy! Thanks for the visit.

    Sorry I forgot to translate the terms… “Wang-wang” is a Filipino slang that generally refers to police car sirens. It’s supposed to be illegal for private vehicles to use these, but some richer and “connected” individuals get away with it. Our new president’s new policy of being more strict is a welcome change for our streets. It’s now more pleasant to drive with no power-trippers zooming around. ๐Ÿ™‚

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