On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

I’ve had experience using different brands of phones (usually unlocked phones) , having owned phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and, now, Samsung. I can say that these brands have varying degrees of user-friendliness. Some take a bit of getting used to, such as when I shifted for the first time from Nokia to Sony Ericsson. It took me minutes to complete a text on the SE, but I soon got the hang of it.

Shifting to Samsung wasn’t bad either. I first had the Samsung Star-W, a touch-screen budget phone with wifi access. It was fairly easy to navigate and figure out. Currently, my phone is the Samsung Omnia Pro. Its OS is Windows Mobile. And I don’t know whether to love it or chuck it!

Well, most of the time I love it naman, except during the times when I’m on Wifi and get idle for a few seconds, the connection is cut and so I have to re-connect again… Or when I can’t find my fave playlists because I have to look in three different places (internal memory, device memory, external memory)… Or when I’m suddenly connected to the internet via my mobile network (until now I still cannot figure out how that happens!)… OR when I have to press a lot of keys and go through a lot of menus to get to the page/app/function I want to go to.

Over-all, the Omnia Pro isn’t so sucky. Only, it sucks a lot during the sucky moments.

So what’s the conek with blogging platforms? Someone said to me on Plurk – Joomla is the Samsung of blogging platforms (or to that effect).

Who’s Joomla? Joomla is a CMS (content management system) that’s a little bit like Samsung. It’s okay, except that it’s really wonky when it suddenly chooses to be. And those are such hair-pulling moments. Compared to WordPress, it’s a far cry with regard to user-friendliness.

So yeah. I still love, will forever love WordPress. (Any news on when WordCamp is?)

2 thoughts on “On user-friendly phones and blogging platforms

  1. same experience here, manang. I had a hard time adjusting to
    Japanese cellphones. Unfortunately(?), Nokia is not popular here in Japan.

    Regarding CMS, I’m using Drupal in my sites. Try niyo po.
    steep learning curve but very powerful platform.

  2. Hi Ading Mel! Kamusta? Thanks for dropping by my blog. Kamusta si Gen? (we were classmates in college.)

    I’m not such a big fan of Nokias anymore 😀 My blog uses WordPress and it’s quite easy to manage. I think the managers of the site I write for are considering other CMS’s to replace Joomla.

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