On Rainy Afternoons and Simple Fun

The past several days, Metro Manila has had really sizzling hot weather! It’s been hot, humid, sticky days. And, almost without fail, it rains in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s just a drizzle. On other days, it’s a downpour.

On hot days like these, I wish I had a pool I could dip into anytime, or at least a bath tub (with some sleek Grohe fixtures) where I could relax while cooling down… Anyhoo, back to reality (the heat is making me delirious)…

The other day, there was a heavy downpour. VGood asked if they could play in the rain. Please, please, please, pretty pleeeaase, she begged.

I said okay – she did not have to beg me much. Oh they were so happy! In my heart, I was happy watching them have fun too, kahit mababaw lang.

Sometimes, I just let them be. They’re just kids anyway. (And, oh no, it’s absolutely not true that letting kids play in the rain will make them sick. 😉 )

When I was a kid, I had lots of time and outdoor space for play. Back then, it was fun to be a kid. We did not have fancy toys and gadgets. But we improvised on playthings – playing dress-up (with mama’s 60s shoes and dresses), bahay-bahayan sa puno, home-made paper dolls.

Right across the old house where I grew up was a park with slopes and an open field. My school happened to be just across the park too. During lunch time, my friends and I would have a picnic under a tree. Even if I lived a short walk away and could always go home for lunch, I insisted on bring my baon so I wouldn’t miss out on the fun!

After school, we’d run towards freedom – the park! There we played many games – Chinese garter, Freeze and Melt, Hide and Seek, spinning-til-we-got-dizzy (weird!), slope-boarding (extreme!). My childhood was lots of fun.

I love telling stories of my childhood adventures to my kids. And they never get tired of hearing them (I hope). By telling my stories, I also hope to teach my kids the attitude of finding happiness even in small things (read: kababawan). I hear parents complaining that kids these days are so hard to please. I think our kids are what we make them.

What I’m saying is – fun doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The next time there’s a downpour, let the kids out!

9 thoughts on “On Rainy Afternoons and Simple Fun

  1. playing in the rain! that’s a dream come true for my girls as i always tell them that i used to play in the rain with the whole neigborhood kids, kaso mo parating drizzle lang kapag asa pinas kami e.

  2. Did you play in the rain in Baguio? brrrrr! No wonder you seem to melt in the Manila heat. 🙂

    Yes, I agree — fun doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive nor gadgetty. And that kids have sometimes have to be let go to their own sense of fun.

    And kababawan is a gift I hope everyone will have and never lose.

  3. oh the last time i played in the rain was back in college!! my roomate and i got crazy and decided to go out, run,laugh and have fun! it was quite weird and i remember some cars passing by ..they probably thought we were crazy!!!

  4. next time dapat kasama si mommy play in the rain…I also did that last May when it rained and my kids really enjoyed this bonding time in the rain… 🙂

  5. I enjoyed reading this post. I’m so hesitant to let Yohan play in the rain thinking he might get sick. Ironically, when I was a child, my parents let me and my younger brother shower in the rain. We even made paper boats and let them drift in the water.

  6. My mom used to let us play in the rain all the time when we were kids growing up in Manila. We loved it and we never got sick. But I live in the States now and it’s way too cold out here. The last thing you want to do is get wet in the rain! I know my kids would get sick for sure. I really miss warm rain, though.

  7. What fun!

    I have been telling my two younger kids if they wanted to go play when its raining, Julian doesn’t like the idea of getting all wet and cold for he is afraid of an asthma attack daw 🙁

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