On nurturing our kids’ dreams

Some time ago, V blurted out that she wanted to be a shoe designer. I could have been the happiest mom! (Imagine being the guinea pig for a shoe designer-daughter? I’d definitely have my way, bwahahaha.) But soon after that, she changed her mind several times over.Right now, when I ask her what she’d like to be when she grows up, she says it depends on how she thinks in the future.

Patch, on the other hand, is beginning to recognize her strengths and interests. She is now into volleyball, tech-geekiness and arts. She wants to take up something related to design in college (which, by the way, is just four years from now, eeek). She is the type who likes to figure out tech stuff and will probably enjoy working onĀ cad drawings.

Nate naman is going to be a heavy equipment operator. Yep. He is certain of that. In fact, every buckhoe digger and cement mixer he sees on the road, he claims to be his. hehe

No matter what our kids want to be in the future, I realize now that our role as parents is to support and nurture their interests. We help them figure things out, we don’t do that for them. We support and guide them, but don’t dictate what they should be.

Yeah. I think doing that will save me and my kids a lot of stress and tears.

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