On Money, Time and Giving

I once had a talk with my self-confessed ex-workaholic sister-in-law… Self-confessed because she admits to not understanding why some women totally give up careers to become full-time mothers. (Aray, aray, aray!!!) Ex-workaholic because now she is a mother and totally understands why.

Anyway, back to the talk…

I think the topic was home-making…  I said that I wanted to do so much but didn’t have enough budget to buy stuff to beautify my home. She told me, in a kinda castigating way, that if one has no money, the person probably has time; if one has no time, he/she probably has money. Either way, things can be worked out.

What she said may not be true for all situations (especially in our dear Pilipinas, where working asses off is not necessarily equal to  fat paychecks). But, yes, it does make sense.

Today on the way home, I remembered her words. This time in light of the recent events that have happened in our country. (Ondoy, Pepeng. Hello?)

There are a lot of people who have been just wonderful – serving and giving tirelessly. But there are also some who make excuses for not being able to help. Kesyo they have no money or they have no time. Kesyo there are richer people who should give instead.

It’s sad that giving is mostly attributed to the material aspect. We measure what is given by monetary amounts.

We forget that time is the most expensive currency and giving it has far more (in)valuable effects than money can afford.

What I’m saying is this:  there is no excuse for anyone to not be able to help to the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. If you have no money, give of your precious time. Go out, reach out to your community and volunteer.

If you have money, hooray! Good for you! Share the blessings.

3 thoughts on “On Money, Time and Giving

  1. True. There are so many ways to help. Nakakatouch nga yung effort nung ibang lahi dito when we asked for donations for Ondoy victims last month. Kahit na yung mga messengers na Pakistani and other nationalities, kahit na out of their budget nagpilit talaga silang magbigay.

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