On milestones and celebrations

I don’t know about your family/clan, but in mine, September is the birthday season. We have at least 7 family members who are celebrating birthdays this month. But this is just based on Facebook, so the count could be more.

Statistically, September has the highest rate of births per day in Philippine hospitals compared to the rest of the year. Count nine months back, and you will understand why. (Brrrr…..)

So imagine the celebrations that happen during this month in our family. They range from simple and quiet to major major ones.

On a few occasions (for my kids, especially), I give in to a bit of major-majorness but personally, I go for simple and quiet. But always, I make sure there is some semblance of celebration – even if it’s just simply blowing the candles on the cake.

Celebrating milestones are just as important as the milestones themselves. Celebrations remind us of the value of the person/s being celebrated, and show them they are appreciated. Husband and I celebrate – believe it or not – our BF/GF anniversary still up to this day. Again, nothing mind-blowing but we make sure we remember and mark each year.


Celebrations are made more special with gifts, of course. And, even if “It’s the thought that counts” is true most of the time, exerting effort in selecting a gift for your loved one is something that will be noticed and appreciated. Unique anniversary gifts by year are a great way to mark important dates with your loved ones. I found some cool first anniversary gift ideas. My most favorite is this one:

A cute paper picnic set seems to be the perfect anniversary gift for a couple celebrating its paper (first) anniversary. I love the napkins! I imagine the couple going away on a picnic at some secluded place that is memorable for both of them. Isn’t that such a romantic idea?

I’m way past the paper anniversary, hehe. But maybe when we’re old and wrinkled (OMG, do we have to wait that long??), maybe hub and I can go on an intimate picnic. Kaso, our secluded venues are secluded no more. John Hay is not the John Hay it used to be; I don’t even recognize the place.

But yeah, the paper picnic set is so cute and romantic, di ba? What unique anniversary gifts have you given?

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