On Life and Health Insurance

I remember this story about my father-in-law…

Being in his early seventies, he is quite robust and healthy for his age. He actually looks young, like maybe mid-60s. (Not making sip-sip; he doesn’t even know I blog.)

But he has medical insurance though. And that year, the contract was going to expire without him having availed of a single benefit! Sayang naman!

So, one day FIL decides to pay the cardiologist a visit for an executive check-up. FIL is checked in to the hospital. Blood tests, x-rays, abdominal scans, ECG. Hmmm, borderline findings. Of course, considering his age…

Then FIL asks for a brain MRI. Cardiologist is puzzled. But insurance covers it anyway, and there’s nothing to lose. So okay, he gets into the tunnel for brain pichur-taking.

Lo and behold! His brain has several infarction areas. These indicate that he has suffered several strokes already, though they were too small to cause any symptoms.

So, just like many other seniors out there, father-in-law now has that omnipresent pillbox containing a cocktail of maintenance.

And, yeah, the insurance company tripled his premium! And they required him to go through medical examination. I don’t think he ever got any health insurance again. hahaha! There are insurance companies though that offer life insurance no medical checkups required.

3 thoughts on “On Life and Health Insurance

  1. ganon? so unfair with the insurance after paying premiuns for a long time.. hope your father in law stays healthy throughout..

    btw, that commercial banner of century bangus makes me crave for some. will definitely have it on my wish list once yollie goes here or your other sis.. especially now that we are not going to the philippines -wonder when we could go 🙁

  2. Hi manang! So final na – you’re not coming in December? I will ask ateng when her next flight to FRA is, if meron…
    I have not tried that Century bangus myself. It does look yummy. Fish diet at home is limited because of nate’s allergies.

  3. yup super final na, The V. hasn’t found a new job yet so we need to cut on all our costs.. good thing that we got that trip insured so we could refund the airfare ..

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