On New Posts and Hopes for a New Business

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*Cookie writes about the delicate balance between our kids’ yaya-time and mom/dad-time.

*TeacherJulie gives us a sneak peek into the perks of homeschooling.

*Lady Cess has very nice ideas for destressing and for cleaning up the home, I’m sure you’ll like both. 😉

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New Business

I’ve been thinking…

I think technohub should consider going into the business of pencils. It may prove to be very lucrative.

Just this week, VGood has consumed 6 – SIX! – pencils! And it’s only Thursday. That’s more than one pencil per day. Yesterday morning, I gave her a fresh, newly-sharpened Mongol. When she got home, it was short, dirty, the eraser gone.

The other day, I was scolding her for lending two pencils to a classmate who lost the first pencil she borrowed from V (that’s why V lent her a second one. Bait ni V, ano?). Of course, the borrower also lost the second pencil.

And then there’s the pencil that rolled off her desk, and she couldn’t find it anymore. The pencil that she left behind at the canteen. The pencil that the resident bully JC broke into two! (He is another topic for another post.)

The pencil issue is exasperating! Perhaps if I had an unlimited supply of pencils, it won’t be anymore. 😛

Sounds familiar, mommies (and daddies)?

Next question: if I started selling pencils, will you buy from me? LOL.

Then maybe, just maybe, I will get rich enough to be able to set up my hub’s dream home theater, with matching home theater seating. 😛

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16 thoughts on “On New Posts and Hopes for a New Business

  1. Naku Chats, isang box na yata naubos ni Pio. Hiniram daw ng mga classmates di na sinoli. Si Gabbie naman sharpen ng sharpen, naubos kagad. Am wondering nga, bakit wala ng eraser lahat ng pencil nila…Am sure ok na business yan, San tayo mag sell?

  2. Customer mo na ako. I tried teaching the Hezzies to use Bencia (naalala mo yun) but they don’t like it. And Adi has this thing about sharpeners so laging tasado ang mga lapis namin sa bahay.

  3. eto lang masasabi ko: napaka generous na bata ni VGood, yun na!

    whose that bullying kid na sobra maka asta? hindi nakakatuwa.

    sige, open up a pencil factory. bibili ako sa yo. sama mo na rin ang crayon factory. I’ve lost count the number of times we buy in a week.

  4. We have some problems with that too, even if my two younger children homeschool. We go to my place of work, a pencil or two gets lost. We go to my other place of work, the pencils get lost too.

    I put their names on the pencils. I always make them “pack away” their pencils and other things too. So far, since the beginning of the school year, they have just consumed 2-3 packs of 3pencils/pack. Tipid no? Tania kasi writes in her storybook/notebook using a pen.

    The erasers are the ones that does the disappearing act though 😀

    By the way, not to be “mean” do not let your children be talked into lending pencils often, esp to those who do not return the pencils. They have to learn to value their things, and to discern people (kahit na bata pa yan) who are taking advantage of them. This is from the POV of a special ed teacher.

  5. Wenchie, same tayo. Sharpen ng sharpen kaya nauubos.

    Is there a pencil brand out there that doesn’t break easily? Share, parents? 🙂

  6. Cookie, oo, they have this thing about super sharp-pencils. So pag dull na, they sharpen it, kaya mabilis maubos! Not sure if I’ve tried bensia. We are unsatisfied customers of Mongol and Faber-Castell. Madling maputol both eh.

  7. Feng, yes V is so generous. I need to teach her how to be more self-assertive without feeling bad.

    Hi pinayhekmi! I hope you enjoy reading FMB. 🙂

  8. Julie! I also write their names on pencils, pero nawawala pa rin… Oh yes, the erasers are another gold mine for business! Ang loss rate ni V is about 2 per week. *haaaay*

    Re- lending things, yes I tell V she’s not being selfish by not lending. I say she is just being obedient, because her mom says she can’t anymore.

    I try to instill in my kids the valuing of possessions. It’s a continuing work. Sana magbunga.

  9. Chesca! hello there! Yes, parang taking care of a dog is so much more difficult than having a baby, hehehe. That’s just me. 😛

    Rachel, okay good, the customer list is getting longer. hehe

  10. This is sooo funny! Now I know why my friend carves the name of her son in his pencils.

    Your kid’s friend who keeps on borrowing and “losing” the pencils seems to be hoarding the stuff.

    I know how your kid feels. I also had the experience of losing a pen after it rolled off my desk. I was so sure one of my seatmates got (“stole”) my good Panda blue ballpen. I will never forget that day.

  11. You got the businessman’s instinct — seeing business opportunities in classroom bullying. 🙂

    Hindi ba masyado high tech ang pencil making? If not, go girl (and technohub).

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