On losing hair and gaining weight

Why are men so afraid of going bald?

“Same reason as why women are afraid of becoming fat,” said one of my friends. Makes sense!

The question crossed my mind because, one day, I accompanied the husband to the barber for his cut.

Kuya barber: Ser, manipis po ang buhok nyo ah…

Hub: Haaaa??? Hindi ah, madami pa yan ha!

Kuya barber: Hindi ho, yung hibla ng buhok nyo manipis…

Defensive much??? hahaha. I was really LOLing quietly in my corner, pretending to not hear anything.

But what do men do when they start losing hair? Women who start growing bigger have many options. There are countless diets, exercise regimens, gyms, even weight loss pills. Besides, most women can decide to actually take control and reverse obesity. Many have done it.

But hair loss, is there any way to reverse it? Do products really work? I’ve seen men wearing toupes and they really look funny.

Okay, before the men start throwing eggs at me… For the better choices of hair loss products, click here.

2 thoughts on “On losing hair and gaining weight

  1. Hi peachy! Hehe. Speaking of hair loss, mukhang ako ata ang mapapanot. I noticed a lot of hair falls off when I take a bath. O_o

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