On Gymnastics and Nurturing Dreams

Am I late? 😀

This (last?) week’s WQ from Julie’s GreenBucks is:

If you were an Olympian, what sport would you be participating in?

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Back when I was a little girl, around age 10, I saw on TV this movie on the life story of Nadia Comaneci, the famous Romanian gymnast. It was such an awe-inspiring movie. Among her many achievements, Nadia is the first to ever get a perfect 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event. Her beginnings were humble, growing up in a small Romanian town. But with hard work, determination, and supportive parents, Nadia became one of the brightest stars of gymnastics. I’m pretty sure she inspired a lot of other girls to go into the sport.

And then came our very own Bea Lucero. I secretly dreamed and daydreamed of becoming a gymnast. If only my family had the means back then (and my parents were supportive enough), I would have gone into gymnastics.

My kids show some talent in movement. Patch learned to cartwheel all by herself at age 6. VGood – well, I think her talent in movement may be in the martial arts field. hehehe.

Several times, Patch expressed her desire to learn gymnastics. I have not really taken her seriously. Until now, while writing this blog post. Maybe it’s time I looked into it. I shouldn’t miss this chance to nurture one child’s dream. Who knows where this dream may lead?

And even if it doesn’t make a big star out of my child, at least I hope to have nurtured her dream.


Thanks, Julie, for the thought-provoking questions every week.

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4 thoughts on “On Gymnastics and Nurturing Dreams

  1. I remember the first time I saw Bea Lucero’s commercial on TV. I admired how graceful and amazingly flexible she was.

    Gymnastics is a wonderful sport. It’s good to give Patch a chance to discover if it’s a sport she would like to pursue.

    My answer is here.

  2. Girls I think would love to be gymnasts because being one look exciting enough. The gracefulness, the flexibility. But now I wonder, with the latest controversy about the underaged gymnasts/children in the Olympics, how would parents explain these things to their children?

    Maybe Patch really wants to be one, let her try, even if she does not aim for the Olympics 🙂

    Thanks for joining and no, you are not late 🙂

  3. Abaniko: I love watching tennis too. Last night’s game (SWE vs. SUI, with Federer playing) at the Olympics – I dozed off before it was over. I wonder who won. hehe.

    Akala ko badminton ang pipiliin mo 😀

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