On detox and colon cleansers

Detoxification programs such as colon cleansing (an example is colonix), 5-day diets or 2-day juice fasts are all the buzzwords today as more people become conscious of their health. But many of these detox claims are apparently just marketing ploys and gimmicks of their promoters.

The truth is that the human body has wonderful built-in features for detoxification. As POC Wellness writer Fristine de Guia said in her article, Discerning Detox, the best detoxification tool is the human body itself. The skin, the kidneys, the liver – all these bodily parts function to rid the body of toxic wastes.

So before falling for some new product that offers to detoxify your body, think again. The best detox methods that the human body need to work along with are these: a healthy diet, lots and lots of water, and lots of sleep! 🙂

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