On Breakfasts, Awards and Socialization

One of the legit fears I had upon resigning from my job three years ago was the imminent death of my social life. During the first few months of WAHMing, I complained to my husband about feeling out of touch, out of the loop, just plain out. Up to now, friends from work joke about my “extreme need craving for socialization”.

So imagine how surprised my good friend Mara was when, on Tuesday morning, she was at my doorstep for chitchat and breakfast. And imagine further the shockp1010758-small_edited.JPG when she found out I was out. Not driving the kids, but having breakfast with friends. “She has new friends?” She called me to ask: “Where are you?” (It’s good to shock her once in a while, since it’s me who is always surprised with her unannounced visits.)

Where was I? Having breakfast with bloggers at Portico 1771 in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City!

Despite being on a diet, Noemi‘s invitation was too hard to resist. So on Tuesday morning, I hitched a ride with Dine and her husband Allan; off to Serendra we went! At Portico, we met up with Noemi, her husband Butch, Jayvee and his family.

Big colorful paintings on the wall and even bigger windows make the interiors of Portico bright and cozy.

Portico’s Filipino Breakfast menu is the restaurant’s latest offering, and we were there to sample it. I had Chicken Adobong Tuyo with Native Garlic, fresh guava juice and coffee (Php225). The adobo itself was good, but I was served the neck part… which wasn’t so great.

I heard that the Chateau Group (no I don’t own it LOL) of restaurants is famous for desserts so I just had to try some. I got the healthiest-sounding choice – the Perfect Finish (Php220), a trio of refreshing lemon basilic sorbet, yogurt mousse with fresh strawberries, and a fantastic creme brulee which did not make me feel like I was on a diet. Loved the whole combination – light yet indulgent. I could finish the whole lot without feeling overwhelmed.

Great company, good food and a cozy place made the breakfast a wonderful experience.

If you’d like to try Portico 1771, contact details and map are here.


p1010717-small.JPGLast Saturday, Noemi invited a small group of mommy bloggers to her home as part of her month-long birthday celebration. There I received my prize for winning the Queen of Quirks contest – a cool Scrabble Set from Annamanila! Thank you, Anna! The game is fast becoming a hit in our home, with Patchy loving it ever since she won her first bingo worth 85 points! (Talk about beginner’s luck… Or maybe she got her brains from me 😛 )

As if the Queen of Quirks honor wasn’t enough, Anna awards me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger badge. Anna and Rach saying I rock, wow, makes me feel so young!

Blogging has made my life, at least the social part, much more interesting from how it was three years ago. Never before have I had friends of varying age groups, backgrounds, interests, and locations. My social life is anything but dead, Mara. In fact, it’s thriving! But I still do crave for your company… So how about breakfast tomorrow? 😀

11 thoughts on “On Breakfasts, Awards and Socialization

  1. sans the diet, Portico breakfast, the ambiance, plus the company was formula for 100% fun, socializing and relaxation (same goes with Noemi’s birthday bash–remember the sinfulicious cake from contis?)

    am sure there will be more, chats 🙂

    Good Morning, Dine! We missed to drop my Contis at Serendra for the Mango Bravo fix. haha, as if the desert at Portico wasn’t enough!

  2. Oy I am glad you came despite the temptation to add a little caloric intake. Yes, it’s a new life. Fun and adventure. Sige lang tayo.

    oo nga, I was gonna say “Chateau” was there

    Hi Noemi! And thanks again for the invite.. It was a good respite from the mommy chores 😀

  3. Hi Chats! I’m glad you had a great time with friends. It’s wonderful to see your friendship growing… one of the nice rewards of blogging.

    The food looks tempting!

    Congratulations on winning that fabulous Scrabble prize.

    Yes, you certainly Rock my Blog World. 🙂

    Aw, Rach, you’re so sweet! You should try the desserts with Jules one of these days.

  4. hmmm that food looks yummy :)wow, blogging is really an exciting world. what a blessing to meet such wonderful people.

    I’ll bring you there the next time you come home.. while we’re at it, we might as well go to the other side and buy that elusive kalamansi powder at Market Market! LOL

  5. On the contrary, you have more time to socialize now that you don’t have a 9-5 job. It doesn’t have to be just your friends all the time..how about your mom, sisters, relatives…marami yan. Now that I’m an SAHM, I’ve reconnected with my family in a big way. Hanggang aunties pa kamo.

    Anyways, good to know you had a great breakfast. I love that chain of restos, Malate days pa.

    And yeah, how about it..breakfast one of these days, maybe?

    Hi kong! Unfortunately most of my family is not in Manila… Breakfast one of these days, sure! After gym? hehe

  6. hehehe, chats, you were served the neck part? there is hardly any meat on it.

    other than that though, the food generally looks appetizing. yummy!

    Hi Belle! Oo nga, the neck part was a bummer. Otherwise, i would have enjoyed the adobo as it’s one of my fave pinoy food.

  7. Diet? What diet? 😀

    Julie, oo nga, times like those, forget the diet muna! sayang we missed you on Noemi’s party. That was also a time i put the D word aside haha

  8. Ay, you went straight from that Portico bash to my office … and you didn’t even have a take-out for your ole friend who was working her A– off and thus couldn’t join?! What kind of blog/scrabble/real-life friend are you?
    Seriously, delighted you had fun. And girl, you really rock. Miss you at isc.

    Ay, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing! We were nearing UP and we thought “hey we still have time to soplies Anna!” and so we did… Ay, miss you too 🙁 but can’t play on isc lately. Nate has been crazily keeping me up all night. he wakes up at 11ish pm, and plays til 3,4am! Sometimes not even until the yaya comes to get him at 5am. kaloka talaga.

  9. What great time. Food and friends, good combo yan. Portico looks great and the food sounds yummy. Must try! (yah, as if, naryan lang ako). Make sure to take me there ha if ever we meet.

    Nice scrabble set you have there.

    Hi Leah! Sige, let’s make it a project when you come home – Serendra, and then Scrabble meet at annamanila’s office! hehe

  10. Hi Chats! I’m so glad the weekend is here again. I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of blog visits.

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting a while ago. Take care!

    Hi rach! Weekends are blessings for us indeed! LOL Enjoy it with your family.

  11. I know naman .. soplais talaga. Soplais me again ha.

    I hope Leah comes within the next ten months or so .. otherwise baka wala na ako sa office. Unless …..

    Sorry your babes are sick. Oks .. now you keep cool. Dali naman mag-bounce back sila. 🙂

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