On backing up blogs and files

Since attending WordCamp in 2009, I realized the importance of backing up our blogs and websites. I’ve read of countless blogs that crashed or were hacked, and the files  – all precious memories captured in text and photos – went skaboosh!, vanished into the thin virtual air.

Right after that WordCamp, I downloaded and installed the WP-DBManager, a plug-in that automatically creates backup files of your blog in regular intervals. This plug-in is so convenient because I receive the back-up files in my email. I can either choose to save the files in my hard drive or keep them in my email. I choose the latter, because I feel it’s a much safer place.

Computer files also need to be regularly backed up. I keep photos and important files backed up in a flash disk. An online backup service is another option you could consider.

It’s so easy to create backups of files. But it’s the tedious nature of the task that doesn’t make it so pleasant. Nakakatamad, di ba?

2 thoughts on “On backing up blogs and files

  1. Yes. Nakakatamad talaga. Hehe.

    I am guilty of that as well, minsan the files just get lost among the tons you have coz you didn’t bother to properly make a back-up. But sometimes, the process becomes too tiring. You only regret not patiently doing it when you remember the file and start looking for it.

  2. Hello po! Nakakatamad nga po, that’s why I use software utilities that
    do it automatically for me. I’m hosting my blog and other websites on
    my own server so it’s a must to regularly backup my files.

    Ading Rommel (’93)

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