On Baby Strollers

Gone are the days when the only choice in strollers you had was Graco. Today is the day and age of choices, baby gadgets included.

The more famous stroller brands today are the Maclaren, Bugaboo, Chicco. My son was fortunate enough to inherit my nephew’s Aprica. It’s a lightweight stroller that fits the car trunk and has a one-hand fold-up feature. Having no yaya, my sister-in-law probably found these two features fit her situation best.

When choosing strollers, consider these:

How easily does it fold up/down? Is it lightweight? If you take public transport often, these two features are your top-most considerations. If you drive, is it compact enough for the trunk? How navigable are the wheels? Strollers with smaller wheels are more light-weight, but can be difficult to navigate. If your terrain has a lot of bump, choose a stroller with larger wheels.

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