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“Oh my god!!!” was my violent reaction when I learned about the latest “in” thing on chatting – Omegle anonymous chat. You know how we as kids were told not to talk to strangers, and how we also teach our own kids not to do so?

Well, a chat website founded by an 18-year old in 2009 espouses exactly the opposite.‘s homepage banner proudly bears its tagline: “Talk to strangers!”

Omegle anonymous chat is so easy and instant. Anyone can just start typing on the chat box and is automatically connected to someone else who is on the server. There is no need for registration, no moderation, no word filters (anyone can say anything they want).

The scariest feature for me is the video chat. As a parent, I try to guard my kids from porn. But this site’s video chat feature has just made porn access so much easier.

As if it weren’t easy and accessible enough, there is also an iPhone app for Omegle anonymous chat.

So, our young kids’ intentions for using Omegle anonymous chat or other similar chat sites may be simply just for fun, to meet other young people from other countries and cultures. That’s great, good intentions and all! But when there’s no one controlling who sees what, who is showing what, that is just scary.

Then there’s the issue of sexual predators. Sites like Omegle, where everyone is anonymous, are a haven for pedophiles, sexual predators and other sickos.

If you think that internet crimes only happen in hi-tech countries, think again. Child exploitation – including cybersex and child trafficking – is one of the more prevalent internet crimes in the Philippines. Child cybersex is not some distant reality; it’s happening in the country.

But the virtual world is just as real, if not more dangerous, than the real world. Bad people abound in the web.  The anonymity factor makes it so easy for bad people to do their thing.

So how do you protect your children? Internet access is a necessity in most households. And as a kinda-techie parent, I encourage my kids to use the internet as a learning tool. But there should be limits and guidelines.

Here are some tips I can share to prevent our kids from getting entangled in Omegle anonymous chat and other iappropriate websites:

1. Be present. You can’t possibly install a security camera in each nook of the house, but you can keep track of your child’s computer activities by being there physically, right beside your child. There is no substitute for parental presence.

Tip no. 1 may not always be possible, especially when both parents are working. But that is not an excuse to be lax and let the kids take control of the mouse.

2. Regulate computer use. Place the computer in a common place in the home so that the child is deterred from accessing porn or forbidden sites. Too much freedom is not good – you know that. So keep a rein on your kids’ computer use. Limit their surfing time, and make sure you are clear about this. Set the rule and follow it. If you say 2 hours, stick to it. Kids know when your rules are bendable and they will keep bending and bending them.

3. Be more high-tech than your kids. Strive to learn to be techie. You know, it’s not impossible. You’re reading this – that means you know at least how to browse the internet. All it takes is some willingness to learn. Besides, most sites are user-friendly. And, for each question or trouble you encounter, the answer’s just a Google search away. Invest a little bit of time reading tutorials, so you can always be a step or two ahead of your kids.

So, dahil willing ka nang maging techie, here’s tip number 4….

4. Block access to websites. You can do this through several options:

a. You can install add-ons or extensions. These are simply programs you download and they will add the blocking feature to your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)

To install an extension on Google Chrome (the browser I use), simply right-click the wrench icon on the upper right corner of the browser. A dropdown menu will appear; choose “Extensions”.

chrome_extensions omegle anonymous chat

A page on Chrome Extensions will appear. Search for the extension on the search box. I installed Chrome Nanny –  it can block several sites that you want at certain times of the day and days of the week too. I blocked Omegle and 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Simply click the “Install” box, and it will only take a few seconds. You will not download anything; the extension will install itself into your browser. Once installed, you will see this:

chrome nanny omegle anonymous chat

Select “Options” for the fun part to begin –  blocking the sites! Simply enter the URLs of sites you wish to block.

chrome nanny blocked sites omegle anonymous chat

This extension, by the way, is also ideal for those who want to limit their Facebook surfing time, owing to its ability to set time and day limits. *ahem, ahem* 😛

b. You can purchase and install internet filter software or programs, such as Net Nanny. Some programs offer free trials.

To block sites on Internet Explorer 7, here’s a tutorial. On Firefox, check this out.

19 thoughts on “Omegle anonymous chat | kids’ internet safety

  1. thanks for the awareness…I’ve not realized such great danger on internet may be possible to my 10year old kid until reading your article.

  2. Hi Ria! Sure, go ahead and spread the word.
    I’ve been reading other articles on Omegle. And most are OKAY with the site… So what’s the world coming to na talaga?? Okay lang siguro for adults. But kids on Omegle??? Omeged.

  3. this is really scary ha. whoever made this site must be out of his mind. thanks for the tips on blocking the sites. akala ko IT lang namin ang may kaya nyan, now i know i can do it too. 🙂

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  5. I personally do not believe in censorship. It is a complete violation of free speech. Granted some sites are inappropriate, but if your kid goes to it, punish them then. They should learn from experience instead of be told what nit to go to. Besides, it you block stuff, they will find a way past it and go to it. If they know you block stuff for a reason they will try to find that reason.

  6. I dunno, Omegle seems like a pretty roundabout way for sexual predators to get in contact with children. I think those sorts of things are usually based on a series of interactions and a building of trust. Sexual predators would actually have a far easier time on websites where a handle can be used or there is at least some outlet to get back in contact with whoever you’re speaking with. Granted, I don’t think sexual predators on the internet are actually all that common in any case (in fact, I would argue that strangers in almost any other location are far more dangerous), but that’s a debate for another day.

    Still, its good for parents to be concerned about their kid’s internet use, and to remain proactive. Looking into sites like Omegle is a healthy thing to do (and it certainly isn’t always the most appropriate site for youngins, sexual predators or not), but I think it’s worthwhile to note that the site itself is hardly a revelation or a representation of anything more dangerous than any other forum/message board/chat room/practically any site on the internet.

  7. Hahaha, I love you Anon. 😛 And he/she is right, miss iMom. Omegle has been around for a WHILE…..

    And you know what, its really not that bad. With text only, I’ve had many great conversations, and with video, while yes its icky, its almost all just a random stream of penises. Which is traumatic sure, and which also means your kids are gonna exit right out of that in seconds. 😛

  8. Just because there’s a possibility it could be used for wrong doesn’t mean it should be banned or no exist all together. A chair can be used as a weapon if someone were to decide that’s what they wanted to do with it, so should we ban chairs? No. People need to get over the whole “Oh god, the internet is evil!” thing because most people on the internet are just like you and I. And as far as Omegle goes, @attyalfa said “whoever made this site must be out of his mind.” Um, no. Actually it’s a really fun site to go on when you’re bored and if you’re not some idiot who’s gonna sit there and go “Sure stranger. I’ll tell you my phone number, exactly where I live, AND all my credit information.” you’re safe. Perhaps if you haven’t taught your children the online smarts to know to never give their full name, address, or any sort of personal information over the internet then you shouldn’t let your kids use it at all.

    /rant. However, I do support blocking the site from young children because most people on there are 16 or over and not a proper discussion partner for people ages 13 and under. Besides, most people on Omegle really don’t want to talk to some seven year old kid anyhow.

  9. OK! you parents are out of your mind!
    i am 14 years old and i think that just like you have private stuff of your own, your kids have theirs!
    you cant spy on your kids.

  10. how to block omegle! this step applies on all browsers no one can access this site on your pc 🙂
    • Method 1
    download –
    go to – C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    replace with the file you downloaded
    • Method 2
    Click here image view (quick) –
    – go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    – cut the host file

    – paste the host file on your desktop
    – now double click on the host file a window should pop up
    “choose the program you want to open this file”
    seclet notepad click “ok”

    – now paste this
    *some times you might have other sites” you not have the same list sometimes no
    just paste it under *you can block any site you want in this format
    ( ) eg :- 125.452.224.90

    – now click on file and after click on save
    short cut Ctrl+S
    – close the notepad

    – now copy it

    – now go back here C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    – past the file you copyed

    – you might get a warning just click on “continue”


    im 17 year – 1993 personally hate this site this was going to
    turn me into a PERV i couldn’t face my girl friend but still i had
    to tell her. still this is online i mean you talk to this person and their he or she is gone forever but still its not good yah i do watch porn but this is not like that very bad off the limits! so omegle MUST GET BAND! i know people will hate me for this but still if you 18+ no one care still you know omegle is very addictive age dosent matter omegle will change you so don’t. what about the small kids iv have seen very small kids surfing on omegle (age of 8 +) who knows they will end up like pornstars without knowing a value of their body and life. + im not a old school typed guy im a designer photographer metal head.
    omegle MUST GET BAND small kids are getting spoiled, like fucks without knowing the value of life + i don’t think we can blame parents because kids will any how find a way.
    if you want to stop this forever this site must get BAND!

  11. Jin and Jon Spatks make good points. I decided early on that I would not treat my child like a criminal. My default parenting mode is TRUST.
    Unless my child has given me a reason to NOT trust them, I give them the benefit of the doubt.Kids are entitled to some privacy until they abuse that priviledge. If they do, then trust and privacy are cut back or eliminated.To all of the parents who are shocked by what they see on Omegle and want to protect their kids from it,trust me, they have seen more and they understand more than you can possibly imagine. They are also surprisingly saavy when they encounter pervs online.They will usually just click away from them, but if they are with their friends they will verbally eviscerate the creeps and send them running.

  12. Thank you for this article. Hopefully some people will wake up!!! Clearly many parents would rather deny the truth and not realize that good kids with good parents are getting taken advantage of. Perverts are earning their trust and completely taking control of the situation. Kids feel it’s safe. No, kids aren’t clicking away. Check out chat roulette. Video chat with perverts IS NOT SAFE, and kids are intrigued by it!!! I only learned of this yesterday, due to a friend’s daughter being completely taken advantage of. A girl with wonderful parents and guidance and love. Before that, I was a blind parent. This doesn’t just happen to “the other kids” it is happening to our kids. And they’ve been doing it for a while. We aren’t all knowing parents, we are the ones they are keeping this secret trend from. Please let your friends know. Talk to your kids, check their computer. And smart phone… really? Do our elementary school age kids need smartphones?…

  13. You parents must out of your mind!! Blocking sites! Yes I understand you want to protect them but at the same time you don’t want to suffocate them. I know about the video chats and they are discussing but there is another option. If you do the text chat you can put in key words to make sure you don’t end up with a pervert. I use this all the time and people on there are my age and are very kind. I am 14-years-old. Although if your child is 10 and under, block the sites! They still are innocent. I’m not saying this is a excellent site but it lets us kids experience the outside world.

  14. Huge thank you! My kid is 14 and just got himself involved with a girl he met there. He had been so trustworthy and understanding of our house rules that I did get lax and on Omegle he went. Staying consistent would have been good. I truly appreciate the heads up!

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