Of Choppers and Crafts

It’s been a productive weekend for me and my family.

Yesterday, the girls and I went on a long-overdue visit to the dentist. We all had oral prophylaxis and VGood got her first tooth-filling. I am lucky to have a dentist who is so warm to her patients, and kids who are not dento-phobic. As a child, I was very scared of dental visits. I remember having been injected with the anesthetic already, but I got lucky and was able to free myself from my dad’s and the dentist’s arms. I went home with a very numb face and a very angry dad. LOL!

So when the need for dental visits for my first daughter Patchy came, I made sure she was prepared so that she wouldn’t develop the fears I had.

What white and sparkling choppers we all have now! And it truly feels great!
Today we did some crafts: ref magnets!
I gave the girls this crafty kit last Christmas that I bought from Toy Kingdom:

Two weeks ago we began the project by making the ceramic cast. Every weekend they bugged me to help them get on with the project. I finally gathered up my lazy bones today and did the magnets with them. It was so much fun, although I had great difficulty trying to stop my OC self from meddling with the girls’ idea of art. Patchy and VGood brainstorming on color schemes for each fairy magnet 😀

Yes, that’s the patio table project. I haven’t been able to post a good photo of it since it came to being.

After five hours and a table-ful of mess, voila!
The idea for a glittery finish we got from Neil Buchanan (Art Attack) – mix equal parts of glue and water, add in the glitter and brush on top of dried paint.
Lovely! I saved the mold, in case my nieces and sisters start asking for them! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Of Choppers and Crafts

  1. That reminds me, my hubby and I also need to have our prophylaxis done this month. I better set an appointment with our dentist soon.

    That’s a nice project. Very cute ref magnets. I also gave some make-your-own ceramic crafts to nieces and nephews last Christmas.

    My son and I love crafts too. We haven’t done one lately. You just inspired me to look for an interesting new craft project we could do soon.

    Take care!

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