Ocean Sky Monastery Buddhist Summer Camp

A mommy-friend invited my children to join this year’s summer camp at Ocean Sky Monastery in San Juan. It was a 12-day activity that taught our kids, among others, the basic techniques of Zen meditation and Chinese calligraphy. And – there is no fee.
From April 21st to May 3rd, my kids attended the summer camp (except for the days we we got sick).

Ocean Sky Monastery summer camp

The man in the picture above is the Grand Master Wei Chueh, founder of Chung Tai Chan Monastery.

The summer camp’s theme revolved around the Monastery’s four basic tenets:

  • respect for the elders,
  • compassion for children,
  • harmony with all humanity, and
  • truth in all endeavors.

And, that we can only do all four by transforming our thoughts. (yes, the it’s the real wisdom!)

Big words that deserve to be taught early on, whether Buddhist or not, don’t you agree?

Ocean Sky Monastery wushu

Wushu, which is the general term for martial arts, was introduced to the kids. Patchy was chosen as one of the participants in the wushu presentation during the completion ceremony. Martial arts inculcate the values of discipline and hard work. When taught the proper way, it should not promote violence.

Ocean Sky Monastery buddhist summer camp graduation

Awards were also given out to the participants, during the completion ceremony and – tada! – VGood got the Sincerity Award.

I think the best bonus I got from this summer camp is the silence during car rides (Well, not always, but the incidence has increased tremendously).

iMoM: Are you okay back there? Sleeping? V, are you dizzy?


iMoM checks through the rear-view mirror. Hmmm.. they’re awake.

Patch: We’re meditating. Sshh.



Ocean Sky Monastery is a Zen Buddhism center located along J. Abad Santos Street (near Wilson St.), Little Baguio, San Juan. Telephone number +6327236132. Its parent monastery is Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan. Summer camps for children 4(?) years and up are organized yearly. Seminars for adults such as basic Zen meditation and vegetarian cooking are also offered regularly. All seminars are free of charge. Donations to help defray costs are welcome. (No they do not ask for donations outright. But donation boxes are visible. No this is not a paid post.)

13 thoughts on “Ocean Sky Monastery Buddhist Summer Camp

  1. silence in the car?!? gusto ko yan!! i’m enrolling the hezzies next year 🙂

    and they have vegetarian cooking sessions kamo…that’s for me. frustrated na kasi sa akin ang yoga master ko eh…i’m there 🙂

    thanks for the tip and korek ka, sis, sa hula mo…o alam mo na b-day ko ha 😀

  2. Hi Cooks! O ha, the 622 only made sense now, haha.

    Sige, join kayo next year. Silence in the car is precious! I think you will have to complete the basic Zen meditation course first before you can enroll in the other classes.

  3. hmm, the Summer camp sounds interesting Chats! thanks for the heads up. next year, enroll ko anak ko. at libre pa pala ha? I love that!

    congrats to VGood and Patch for hurdling through the summer camp. 🙂

  4. This is summer camp with a difference. It is never too early to teach children the values that will make a difference to the world, the way we treat each other.

  5. ang galing naman, i hope the people support the monastery financially kung lahat voluntary contributions lang, they need money to maintain that place of course.

  6. I take it the kids loved the camp? Looks so…. Congrats on the Sincerity Award!

    I’m not Buddhist but I totally agree that they are things that deserve to be taught early on for every one!

  7. @Toni – Most Buddhist monasteries are well-funded by their members. I did give a small donation, because I really appreciated everything – the lessons, the free snacks and t-shirts, most esp the lasting effect i hope it will have on the girls.

    @tnchick – yes they loved it. I’m not a devoted Buddhist, but I try my best to be a good one (It’s hard for me to go vegetarian, though!)

  8. Silence in the car is a welcome thought. Do they take in non-Chinese? I will enroll my children. Wushu, wushu ba ikamo? Type yan ni Trixie 🙂

  9. @ Julie – Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of religion and race and size and shape. Basta willing to finish the course.

  10. oh, that’s cool they’re already meditating. Definitely helps in reflecting.

    Hmmm…. I can’t say I’m familiar with that San Juan. The only San Juan I know is the one in La Union. Why is it called Little Baguio, btw?

  11. Hi Vincent! Thanks for browsing my blog.

    From Edsa-Munoz, take any southbound bus, get off at Gate 5 (Petron/Caltex), after Annapolis. Take the jeep going to Greenhills. From Greenhills, there are small yellow jeeps that ply the Greenhills-Wilson route. It will take you near enough to Abad Santos. Ocean Sky is just across Mann Hann resto. Hope this helps. Let me know.

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