Not So Sunny On A Sunday

Just a few thoughts for the sun-ny* people out there who pop up, gush about their problems and expect me to gush along with them:

There are people with problems worse than yours.

People (like me) may have been in the middle of something (like a personal crisis. Yes, much like yours. No, of course not as great as yours. Whose problems are greater than yours anyway?) when you unexpectedly popped up, so don’t expect them to be sweet and sunny all the time.

Other people have better more important things to do than listen to your endless whimpers and rants.

Do yourself a favor: get over yourself.

And while you’re at it, go over my post on Coping with Stress. I believe I wasn’t of much help, but those tips just might.

Don’t get me wrong. I care about your problems. But it won’t hurt to (appear to) be sensitive sometimes.


*Sun-ny is a new term that iMoM coined just today. It refers to persons who think they are the Sun. You know, the great ball of fire around which the Solar System revolves.


And that’s that. I’m not about to squander any more of my time, creative energy and emotions on this.

8 thoughts on “Not So Sunny On A Sunday

  1. ei may mga ganung tao lang talaga na akala nila nakasentro talaga mundo sa kanila at sila lang ang nagkakaproblema at parang pasan na nila ang mundo. pero you’re right wag mo na sayangin panahon mo sa ganyan, especially if you’re having some problems of your own. hugs and kisses!

  2. Hi Cess! Aaaww, am touched, thank you. I just wanted that out. Now it’s out. teehee.. Kelan tayo mag Lia’s?

    Hi ann! It doesn’t mean we care less about them di ba… But sometimes the whimpering wears me down.

    Hi feng! I’m okay now that I’ve let it off my chest. 🙂

  3. Chateau, you are too bubbly and too pretty to have your spirits dampen just like that so maybe it is bad as you said it was.

    Anyway, I sure do hope you can rest for a few days not that sem break is but a few days away.

    Ingat! 🙂

  4. Hey hey hey. Funny I should catch you in this mood after that long blog break. But it’s okay. Roller coaster right? I get pissed off too a lot but sometimes remember to tell myself it’s better to be the shoulder that gets cried on than be the head forever putting boulders on other folks’ shoulders. Ano ba ito. Pasensya na .. trying to be smartassy with my writing and just succeeding to sound trying hard. ay naku. Smile na Ms. ganda.

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