Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

A few nights ago, over dinner –

imom: Patchy, I heard something in school today.

iPatch (defensive look): hmm? What?

imom: That you have a big crush on this boy J, and it’s quite big news daw among the grade fives!

iPatch: Huh? Not true!

VGood (butts in): It’s true! She told me she has a crush on J… And so I told J! *hihihihi*

iPatch: Aha, ikaw nagsabi?? Eh hindi naman yung J na yun. There’s another J, yun ang crush ko. *twinkling eyes*

Technohub: Ay, Patch, you don’t go around telling boys you like them. Pag nalaman niya, manliligaw sa ‘yo, kasi alam niyang gusto mo siya.

imom: Basta, ayoko yung J na ‘yun. Ang astig-astig, parang bully pa…

iPatch: Eh, hindi nga yung J na ‘yun! It’s the other J…

Technohub: Patchy, hindi bawal mag boyfriend ha, basta sabihin mo sa akin…

imom (chokes on food, gives hub the killer look): what da… ???!!!

Technohub (continues): Kami ng mama mo ganyan din dati, kaya alam na namin yan. We want you to learn from our past mistakes, and sana you don’t commit them. But we will not be able to help you if you don’t tell us what’s going on with you.

imom: BUT, you’re still too young for boyfriends ha. Study ka muna please.


I almost had a heart attack there!!

But I’m glad I have a husband who is comfortable discussing topics like these. The first step is opening the communication lines. This cannot happen if our kids are afraid to talk to us. Though I was quite taken aback, I’m glad he brought up the topic. Hopefully, it sent iPatch the correct signal – that she can talk to her parents about anything, not that she has the permission to have a boyfriend! Patch is turning eleven in September. Sooner or later, we will have to deal with boy issues anyway. It’s good that we are starting early.

This isn’t our usual dinner talk.

I suppose it will take me a bit of getting used to.


On a lighter note, I have a feeling I am going to make a good monster mom-in-law. *evil grin*

13 thoughts on “Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

  1. LOL. a very unsual mealtime conversation it is!
    IMHO, yung mga parents ngayon, mas open sila when it comes to communicating with their kids. that’s a good start Chats!

    LOL on VGood ha, you have a pretty little reporter there.

  2. naku, hindi na siguro yan unusual after a few more mealtimes =D , wala e, nagda-dalaga na ang girls mo. hay naku, ako may a couple more years pa.
    anyway, i think your hubby is commendable for expressing that he wants to be involved in your kids’ (future) love lives.

  3. Susme, when we learned that Trixie has a crush, parang napahyperventilate yata ako. Hindi naman din nakakibo si hubby.

    But we had to tell her that she should not keep secrets from us, lalo na when its about something personal.

  4. oh my, what a cool dad…katuwa naman ng family nyo sis. i could just imagine VGood while binubuking secrets ni Patch. ako naman, I told my girls bawal mag boyfriend while they’re still studying, ang strict ng lola noh este mommy pala…

  5. coolness!! sabagay, mabuti na din that he’s making it clear with the kids that they can talk to you guys..especially to him. magandang umpisa yan.

    tama rin na andyan si vgood…para walang maitago si ipatch 😀

    si hubs ko din payag na mag-bf ang hezzies..when they’re 35 na daw!!

  6. Hi cess! yes, sobrang appreciate ko talaga si hub for what he did. back in the days, all my dad would have said “kalokohan yan! ang babata nyo pa!”

    Hub validated my daughter’s feelings, and that must have added a ton to her confidence. 🙂

  7. Hi Julie! Naku, napapa buntong-hininga na lang nga ako eh, pag naiisip kong nasa isip na ni patch ang crushes.

    Hi sexy mom! Yes, V is my asset in school – my eyes and ears, haha.

  8. Hi Wenchie!
    Hub’s point is this: it’s better for the child to be open so we can guide him/her, rather than he/she keep secrets and we find out when it’s too late. 😉

  9. Hehe, just read this today. I remember my Papa, when he saw a name Denise on my notebook back in gradeschool.

    Papa – “Uy, sino si Dennis?”.

    Me – “Pa, Denise yan, yung negrang singer!” (it was true btw, I wrote down the lyrics of her song and her name).

    Papa – ah. Sigurado ka ha.

    Mama – hahaha!

    Me – grrr!!!

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