Nine Days and Counting…

The past days have been extremely busy that I haven’t got any time to blog. December came and is going fast. I realized over the weekend that it’s less than a couple of weeks before Christmas! This thought got me on *panic mode*. So I found myself caught up in the holiday rush as I marathon-shopped for gifts since Monday. I seem to function well on panic-mode, since my marathon has been successful so far!

Metro Manila traffic has been horrible and is getting more horrible as we inch towards Christmas. It’s maddening! Every year, I think the maddening-level goes up by a notch! (Maybe people are getting richer already and buying more cars?) I wonder how the future of our traffic situation is going to be. Reminds me of maglev (magnetic levitation). Maglev trains have been around for a few years already. Physics engineers are working on applying the same principle to cars. Oh please, dear scientists and physicists and engineers, please hurry up with the research! Because with Manila traffic jam, there’s no other way but to fly! In the local lingo, we tell irate drivers who honk endlessly and in futility at traffic jams: Oy, lumipad ka! (“Hey, fly if you wish!”) I dread having to leave the house in the mornings, knowing it’s crazy out there!

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On to more Holiday-ish mood: I’ve put up the tree almost two weeks ago, but it’s only now that I found time to post its photo. The girls and I had a grand time putting it up.

Patchy seems to be in good Holiday spirits. The other night she and I were wrapping her presents for friends and classmates.
P: This is what I love about Christmas!
Me: What?
P: Giving gifts!
Me: Oh? (I was expecting it was receiving gifts)
P: Yes! I’m happy when people open their gifts and they like it. We put effort looking for those gifts, right? So I’m happy when my friends like what I give them!

It was a big-girl moment that made me really proud to be her mom! 🙂

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I have been attempting to post more photos but Blogger is acting up! Bleh.

2 thoughts on “Nine Days and Counting…

  1. I agree, traffic is terrible nowadays! Come to think of it, terrible might be an understatement. 🙂

    That’s a lovely looking tree. What a nice thing to say. I would also be proud if my son said something like that (perhaps, when he grows a little older).


  2. Hi Rach. Terrible is an understatement indeed! Sometimes I really wish I can fly through the traffic jam!

    I’m sure he will grow up to be a fine young man. 😉

    Thanks for visiting!

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