Night-out with gym buddies @ Bellissimo Ristorante

Two weeks ago, I decided to join my gym buddies, who have been chiding me to go out with them for the longest time.

You might imagine gym buddies to be figure-conscious folks who eat like birds. But not these gym buddies. It’s no wonder why I’ve been having so much difficulty losing the last 5 pounds. I hang out with these guys after working out at the gym!

We went to Bellissimo Ristorante, a small Italian-inspired restaurant along Scout Castor Street, near the corner of Tomas Morato in Quezon City. It’s owned by actor Cesar Montano, whose paintings make the place a bit more interesting. (Unfortunately, he wasn’t there that night. *sad* )

Yep, the resto doubles as his gallery. The first time I ate here was with my bloggin’ Eat-Club girl friends.

On the Saturday night that we were there, there was a duo playing the flute (or oboe?) and the guitar. They did awesome jazz and acoustic numbers, though they might think our group did not notice because we were having so much fun!

Blame it on the margarita. Because each glass costs just Php70.00 (about USD1.50!), I think we all had one too many!

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13 thoughts on “Night-out with gym buddies @ Bellissimo Ristorante

  1. margarita for only P70? ang affordable naman. eh nakow, medyo mapapadami ka nga ng drink nyan.

    looks like it was a great night out with gym buddies. 🙂

  2. hi feng! Yup, the margarita was wonderful hehe. But the allergy that erupted on my skin the next day wasn’t.

    Hi humanbeing! thanks for dropping by.

  3. Manang Toni, he was there the first time I went there with the mommy bloggers/eating club. He’s very nice and accommodating. Syempre we did not let the night go by without photo opps with him!

  4. No, I dont need treatment for acne though often these days I think a shot of margarita and its ilk would do me a helluvagood.

    Nice picture collages, Chats.

  5. Hi annamanila… You’ll never need acne treatments. 😉 But yes, a shot of margarita or two will do us some good! Hope to see you soon. 🙂

  6. Hi Julie! we did not have a chance to peek at the second floor when we were there. Ang ganda ng paintings. Cesar is a good artist pala.

  7. It’s nice that you get to hang out with your gym buddies. I have to go back to the gym. I stopped for several months and my immune system suffered.

    The place looks lovely as well as the food. I miss having margaritas. P70 seems very affordable. Chances are I would have ordered several glasses as well. 🙂

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