New Year Traditions for good luck

Everyone’s probably busy preparing for the New Year festivities. What New Year traditions do you observe for good luck?

Though we are a Chinese household, we practice only a handful of the usual traditions that are supposed to bring in good luck for the New Year.

One of the mainstays of our New Year spread is fish. Fish symbolizes prosperity because the Chinese terms for fish and for excess/ extra sound alike – “yu”. It does not even have to be an expensive kind of fish. Our favorite fish is pampano / pompano.

Here is a Chinese style steamed Pompano fish recipe that I usually prepare for New Year’s Eve.

steamed pampano fish chinese style


Filipinos prepare 12 kinds of round fruits on New Year’s Eve. In our household, it does not ¬†necessarily have to be 12 or round. I always prepare tray of fresh and colorful fruits, though, for good measure. ūüėÄ

fruits new year traditions good luck

The boys in my family get haircuts a day or two before New Year. This is supposed to get rid of and leave behind the bad luck that the passing year brought. I would get a haircut too, just¬†so I look good welcoming the New Year, y’know. ūüėČ

Fireworks… Hmmm. Husband must have his playtime every New Year’s Eve. Kahit konti lang daw, basta dapat may ingay.¬†Sige na, ibigay na nga sa kanya this one night. The Chinese belief that fireworks¬†supposedly scare away evil and bad luck is an ancient, deeply rooted one.

One of the most important New Year traditions that my family practices is zero spending on New Year’s Day.

Like, not a single peso goes out of the wallet or credit card. Husband is super strict when it comes to this. So days before New Year’s , we make sure we have everything we might possibly need. I do the grocery and market rounds. If there are any bills or debts that need to be paid before January 1, we made sure to settle them. This tradition also means the family eats in on New Year’s Day. And also¬†no malling,¬†no last minute buys on Day 1 of the year.

What is this supposed to symbolize? Hubs explains that, hopefully, good fortune will not leave the home, instead it will stay and flourish. Whether I agree or not, this is good. We stay at home Рbonding time!
fireworks new year traditions

Whatever your New Year traditions and beliefs are, what’s most important is to spend¬†it with those who matter most. Enjoy New Year’s with your loved ones.

Reach out to friends; reconnect with old ones. Make amends. Forgive. Love. Laugh.

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish us all good health and more successes in 2016!

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