New Year, New Look

As predicted by Abaniko, the Christmas theme’s lifespan has indeed lapsed. 😛

I do not know why, but I could not seem to find the drive to blog recently. But, anyway, I set off two evenings ago in search for a new theme, hoping that a refreshing change would renew my drive.

How appropriate it is then that the perfect theme I found is named “Bright Side“? It was designed by Headsetoptions and Mandarinmusing, the same guys who did the Rain Drops theme I used for most of 2007. I love that I don’t have to tweak around much with their themes. And, again, I can’t stop raving about how easy it is to switch themes on WordPress.

This year, I need to focus more on the brighter side of things. Though it was good in many ways, 2007 was difficult for my husband’s business. In fact, he says it is probably the worst year ever. And I must admit – our economic state dictates fairly much the condition of my 49 other states. hehe Thankfully, my husband has a more positive personality. With each difficult situation, he is always the first to emerge a better person.

Anyway, I don’t want to riddle my first entry for the year with the keyword “problem”, LOL.

This 2008, my hopes are high. I am psyching myself up. Things will get better; I will work harder. There are opportunities up for grabs, but if we don’t work fast enough, smart enough, they will just fly by.

Late as I am, I want to wish you all a good year ahead!


Christmas in Baguio with my family was lots of fun. Here are some photos.

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. love the new look Chats! ganda, very refreshing. and very apt pa with your vision for 2008–to look at the brighter side of life.

    Happy, happy New Year Chats! I wish you all the best in 2008! 🙂

  2. The struggles of being a business owner – the “down” times can be discouraging, but like you said if you work hard and seek out good opportunities things are sure to improve. Happy new year to you, hubby, P, V, and N!

  3. Great new look! And loved the pics from Baguio…oh, how it would have been nice to be a part of the festivities! Happy New Year!

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