Nearly-preschool Nate

Nate just turned three two weeks ago.

In a year, he will officially be going to pre-school. I’d like to think he will be ready by then.

He is now toilet-trained – only wears diapers during the night and when we go out (more for our convenience, hehe). He is not a picky eater too, so I guess teachers won’t have any difficulty feeding him… Well, except that he has lots of food allergies.

And, oh, his vocabulary is fantastic! He can name (and mimic) most wild animals – his favorites being tiger (roaar!), lion (growl!), snake (hisss! with matching tongue-wagging), e(le)phant, and dragon (with matching fire-breathing). I know, the last one doesn’t count as ‘wild animal’, but, hey, we’re Chinese! πŸ˜›

He can blabber lots of mostly-intelligible phrases too:

“Tabi tayo ha, Mama.” (My heart melts!!! *swoon*)

“Yan chicken a(ller)gy ako?”

“Almost done, guys!” (Always cracks me up, LOL!)

“Watch ako Agent Oh-sow.” (He loooves this new show on Disney Channel, Special Agent Oso!)

“Waay kamiii!” (Translation: Wait for me!)

“Eeeew, yuck!” (when anyone kisses him)

I am contemplating, though, of enrolling him in a pre-nursery school when the second semester opens in November.

I know, I know! These things weren’t existent when I was growing up too! I mean – Β I went to a public school for kindergarten, for goodness’ sake. And I turned out just fine… Right? (I guess??? I hope!)

But the center where I study Mandarin – Dash – is planning to open a progressive Chinese pre-school (and eventually, a grade school). The owners have told me about some of their plans, even showed me some drawings of preschool furniture for the play room. The school is in the works, and I am excited.

What excites me most is the prospect of Nate being able to speak Chinese as hisΒ first language! The pre-school will offer the special course, Chinese Character Canon. The course works best for young kids, as the teachers were able to prove during summer. (The summer students who took the course are now unofficial translators between their classmates and the China-native teachers!)

The younger the child, the better the results are – I suppose this goes with learning any other language.

I like the ideas they are brewing. I don’t want to pre-empt, but I can say for sure that the school will be nothing like the tight traditional Chinese schools that we have now.

I hope the plans materialize.

7 thoughts on “Nearly-preschool Nate

  1. My son turned three last July 7, but only 50% toilet-trained; he makes “wee-wee” in the toilet, but when it’s time to poop, he would ask us to put a diaper on him because he doesn’t want to do it in the toilet; he did it once last year, but never again. Sigh! He’s a nursery student now, and he’s enjoying school after weeks of crying when mommy leaves his classroom. I’m sure Nate will enjoy school too because he will have more playmates and friends.

  2. Hi Tetcha!

    Wow, sigurado your son is having a great time in pre-school. Magkasunod pala sila ng birthday ni Nate. Belated birthday hugs to your son πŸ™‚


  3. First of all, ang cute niya! Love the pic. πŸ˜€
    Kids grow up so fast naman. And uy, okay yan ha na maging bilingual ang kids. Wasn’t there a study recently that said kids aged 0-7 have the highest chances of turning bilingual, so expose them to different languages during that age?

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