Nate is Two!

Nate turned two years old earlier this month!

He is such a big boy. And by big, I mean BIG. Even our pediatrician noticed how differently big he is from his sisters. His hands, arms, legs, head are so much bigger. And so is his appetite!

As of our last doctor’s visit, Nate weighed 15.3 kilos. That’s still within normal weight range for boys (though quite in the upper limit, hehe). But I don’t suppose it’s time to worry about his weight, is it?

His favorites of the moment:

Toys: ball or anything that resembles one (a grape or longgan will do); a plushy turtle named “Toto”; gun a.k.a. “beya” (goodness! he got a couple of these from my SIL. Glad they’re both broken now, I’m not buying a new one!).

Plays/Games: pretending to walk a dog on a leash (sometimes it’s my belt, or the broken mouse. Cute!); tickle fight; “beya-beya” (Hay. Boys… ).

Cartoons: Pocoyo; Thomas and Friends; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; Little Einsteins; Noddy; Elmo’s World; pretty much everything and anything on Playhouse Disney Channel.

Food: chicken, orange, truckloads of Enfagrow!

Friends: Neighbors Miguel, Rikkah and Julia; his sisters; his yaya Ate Josie.

Non-friends: Our helper, Manang Leoning (he dislikes her with a passion!)

Quirks: Throwing stuff into the trash can (stuff such as my cellphone, my wallet, Toto… ); head-banging; biting!

This is one of his more amusing quirks: he likes to drive behind the wheel! Every morning, before my husband and kids leave, he goes with them around the village. With his dad, he gets his way. That is, he gets to sit on his lap, and pretend to do the driving. With KJ-mom, no-no-no; all he gets is a ride around the village, buckled on the passenger seat. 😛

17 thoughts on “Nate is Two!

  1. i love the first picture! nakakatuwa! bakit nagkakagulo, si V makiki-ihip ng cake?

    happy birthday nate! ano ba ang lasa ng longgan? i have seen it pero i’ve never tried it.

  2. Happy Birthday Nate!! Big boy na!!

    Wait, why is Patchy covering Vgood’s mouth? Was she about to say something witty again..hehehe 😀

    Ano na, tuloy na ba tayo sa Friday?

  3. Belated happy birthday to Nate! Malaking bata itong si Nate. I thought he’s already 2 when I saw him. 😀

    At natawa ako dun sa “he hates her with a passion”. Haha. Ano kaya ang ginawa ni Manang Leoning? Haha.

    Also noticed Patch covering Vera’s mouth. Uunahan ba sa pag-blow ng candles?

    Text or email lang kung tuloy sa Friday. 🙂

  4. @ Pinayhekmi: thanks! 🙂

    @ Cess, Cookie, Lynn, Anna: Corek! Si V gusto sya mag blow ng candle! Kaya kami nagkakagulo, haha

    Tapos si Nate wants to touch the flames, kaya hawak din namin both arms niya, hehe.

  5. @ Daiz: Thanks! May hawak pa ngang beya si Nate eh. hehe. Binabaril nya yung flames ng candle.

    On a day to day basis, ganyan ang kulitan sa household namin. Ang saya! LOL

  6. Nakakatuwa naman ang picture na ito, something that they will look back to years from now at magtatawanan sila 😀

    belated Happy Birthday Nate (hugs to you)

  7. nate looks a bit pilyo 🙂 why does he dislike manang leoning? hmmmm . kj ba si manang?
    belated happy birthday nate 🙂

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