Nate and Handy Mang Danny

Nate just loves Handy Manny, the Disney Channel cartoon show. Maybe it’s because he himself loves to tinker with anything mechanical. Nate’s favorite drawer is the one where we keep all the tools. He loves anything that has wheels  – be it his toy cars, his bike, my steering wheel or his sister’s school bag!

So it’s no wonder that Nate loves to watch Handy Manny.

Today, a live version of Handy Manny came to our house – Handy Mang Danny, with matching cap and tools to boot! (Thanks to Cookie for the referral!) Some major repairs have to be done on the ceiling below the second floor bathrooms. And it doesn’t seem like the leaks will be easy to solve. *sigh* 

Anyway, Nate’s been following Mang Danny around the house, calling out and pointing to him –

“Emer! Emer oh! Emer!”

I turned to ateJo: “Ano daw??”

AteJo: “Hammer daw!”

Technohub: “Sige, hayaan nyo lang manood. Boy naman eh.”

So with the blessings of the big boss, Nate was allowed to stay around and watch Handy Mang Danny work.

There’s this new show, though, that Nate has been obsessing over –  Animal Mechanicals. Good thing I don’t have farm animal and cattle supplies stashed somewhere in the house that Nate would want to play with. 😀

11 thoughts on “Nate and Handy Mang Danny

  1. Hi Analyse! Thank you for the visit… I think I have a handyman in the making. And I welcome it kasi si hub hindi handyman, hehe. Pangarap ko sana ipagdrive ako ng son ko, gawan ng rocking chair… (LOL) Stuff sons do for their moms. 

  2. Husband is the only handyman in our house.  You have Nate and Technohub. Lol. Ang cute ni Nate. Serious ha. Extra pa si Manong.

  3. Hi Lynn! Eh kasi first time ni Nate makahawak ng *real* hammer kaya engrossed sya. Ayaw na nga ibalik eh haha.
    Naku, wannabe-handyman lang si hub… Shhhhh! Secret lang natin to ha. hehe 

  4. that’s really good, he is not getting interested on just usual cartoon figures, something really useful actually. well you can start training him to be the handy man next time you won’t need mang danny ;D

  5. I can’t watch Handy Manny without thinking of Fez from the 70’s show. Wilmer Valderrama does his voice :). Have you checked out Bob The Builder? That show is about building stuff too. Carpentry, house, roofs, roads, fixing stuff, the lot. My son loved it when he was little.

  6. iMom, it was great to meet you and all the other blogger moms the other evening. I have linked you up already and hope to drop by every now and then to chat, pun intended. 😉
    My kids love Handy Manny and Animal Mechanical too! I tried to introduce them early to tools around the household and like you, I wish they will truly be handy in the near future. I saw my son tightening up some screws the other day around the house (sa door knob, sa banyo, etc…). I hope nothing falls apart, LOL.

  7. Hi Megamom! It was great to meet you too! 

    Our (the mommy bloggers you met) kids sometimes come with us during events and get-togethers. I hope our kids get to meet soon.

    Nakaktuwa when the boys tinker no? And they look as if they know what they’re doing haha. 

    Thanks for dropping by. I will visit you as soon as i’m done packing and we arrive at our destination. We leave in two hours for Baguio (yikes, panic mode). Have a great Easter break!

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