Ashitaba Plant and its benefits

Update (July 1, 2013): I think this is an Ashitaba plant. I saw some similar looking plants at Manila Seedling Bank on a recent visit there, and the vendor said they’re called Ashitaba. And yes, they’re supposed to have a lot of healing benefits. I also saw a post on Instagram by a mommy friend that confirmed this is ashitaba. Yehey, the plant now has a name. 🙂

Mama also took some leaves from my plants and planted them in her garden. Of course, she was able to propagate her ashitaba plant. She boils the leaves to make tea whenever she or Dad feels a sore throat or cough coming on. Ashitaba is also good for maintaining normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Update (January 17, 2010): I was finally able to remember to ask my Mandarin teacher yesterday. The scientific name of this plant is Kalimeris indica (Indian aster).

My Mandarin teachers at Dash Center gave me two small plants the other day.

They say the plant has medicinal properties. The leaves, when eaten raw one piece every two hours, are effective in arresting a cough in its early stages.

Knowing that I have an allergic child, my teachers gave me the plant. Its leaves are edible – I ate one and it has a mild nutty flavor. I think it would be perfect for salads! Unfortunately, my teachers do not know what they are –

Ashitaba plant
Can you help me identify this plant?

Anyway, the plants are small and I need to propagate them before I can make salads. The teachers say the plants grow easily. Hmmm… Wish me luck because I do not have my Mama’s green thumb!


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  1. Hi Manang! Rocket leaves are the same as arugula? I’ve been thinking I think these plants mya be arugula, except yun nga- medyo iba ang shape ng leaves.

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