My Salabat – ginger + pandan + kalimeris leaves

While sick last week, I discovered a wonderful concoction that I can make myself. Best of all, I get everything from my garden and kitchen.

It’s a basic brew similar to salabat or ginger ale. I learned from an auntie, however, that pandan gives the basic salabat such a wonderful, soothing aroma. And so I threw in a whole talk. Then I thought of adding a few leaves of my kalimeris plant, claimed to have medicinal properties that benefit the diabetic and hypertensive.

Voila – a nice, soothing brew. It’s perfect for sore throat. Or for any other day that I don’t feel like having coffee. 🙂


I’m not sure if my brew aids in weight loss or cleansing the colon. There are colon cleansing pills in the market and according to colon cleanse reviews, they work in varying degrees. Again, I cannot overemphasize the advantages and benefits of natural weight loss over “assisted” ones.

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