My Personality Recipe: Hot!

I saw this at Soulful Thoughts.

Check out my recipe. It had me laughing by myself a while… hehe


-1/4 cup of cuteness
– a heaping teaspoon of promiscuity
– 1/4 cup of caring

Serve hot.

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8 thoughts on “My Personality Recipe: Hot!

  1. Gosh, promiscuity?? haha, anong ibig sabihin nito? am i too conservative?

    parang di ito ang original results. there must be something wrong with the code i generated. hmm. no really, am not making excuses for that promiscuity part ha! LOLz Otherwise, I would not have posted it here no. haha

  2. Ha ha! The second ingredient made me laugh. Thanks for linking me.

    BTW, I have an award for you that I will post a little later on. Take care!

  3. lady cess

    – a scoop of sensitivity
    – 2 teaspoons of friendliness
    – 2 heaping tablespoons of playfulness

    Combine in a blender until smooth.

    buti na lang wholesome ang resulta ko. otherwise, i would not comment, hahaha. seriously, i find my result so me.

  4. ay syoke… bakit ganun? I got

    – 1/2 a cup of promiscuity
    – a teaspoon of charm
    – 2 teaspoons of seduction

    Blend together quickly and serve

    Hmmm… 😛

  5. ay curious rin me, here’s mine


    – a scoop of friendliness
    – a teaspoon of ambition
    – a pinch of romance

    Blend together quickly and serve.

    Boring naman, napaka wholesome 🙁

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