My Online Store is up!

My crafty and fashionista sister, the Flying Ravioli, has been busy with a new project – Murano glass bead jewelry! They are terrific. I love that they are chunky, funky, and in vibrant colors! I’ve decided to give selling her items online a try. Who knows, this might lead to big business someday! *dreamy* LOL!
Come and see my online store. Hope you find something you like. 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Online Store is up!

  1. Nice designs. Your sister is very creative. I’m sure it runs in your family.

    BTW, we already put up our Christmas tree. 🙂


  2. Hi sis! And thanks for the comp, Rach!
    Question sis, I can’t enter your online store… is there another link I can go to?
    Yes, just got home… finally, seems like the trip from Baguio is took ages compared to our flight back home! I cried when I said goodbye to Kal, he has grown so big now and I really motherly miss him… he also cried!
    Anyway, had a grand time in Baguio with our Jolly Aunt JLo and the sister bonding, too! Wish we were all there!
    okay, gotta go get some zzzz’s! I’m soooo very exhausted and so is my Honk!
    Luv yah, sis… smoochies to my lovely pamangkins! Hope to see you again soon!
    BTW, shopping day after tomorrow…. let me know what’s on your list…. for your store, I mean!

  3. Rach, i think the creative gene skipped me, hehe.. I’ll peek at your tree later. I keep getting disconnected.
    Ateng Rav! Yaah, I missed serious bonding time. 🙁 I will email you if i have more orders Pwedeng email ko na din payment?? hehehe

  4. Siz rav, why can’t you access my Multiply store? I’m not sure, but maybe you need to get a Multiply account too.

  5. Hi Rach!Thanks for dropping by.. I’ve been busy lately (my parents and some relatives are visiting), i also lost my internet connection for a few days. Hopefully I could catch up with my blogging before the week ends. 🙂

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